How good are the Pioneer sp-22-LR's

I've been in the hobby for over fifty years.  I recently had need to replace an old pair of RA Lab's  speakers which I used in my office, they were  about fifteen years old and needed re-foaming of the woofers.  So, rather then go the re-foam route, I spent $90 on a new pair of sp-22's. I am impressed, and shocked that their low cost could provide such great sound. The sp-22's do get great endorsement in TAS.  Have others experienced these speakers, and if so what is your listening experience?  For me, their price/performance leads to confirm that good sound knows no price point, no matter what the component.   
Yes I had heard about these a few years ago from a friend in the hobby but just couldn't believe they could be that great for the price.  Read articles on them and then forgot about them.  Well recentlyt I needed a small two channel system for my garage when I work out there in the warmer months on the lawn mower and other indoor/outdoor projects.  I wanted a system where I could play CDs.  I went to my regular high end audio store with a budget around $300.00 for two bookshelf speakers and some type of receiver or integrated amp.  I already had a spare Marantz Universal Player in storage.  They recommended I buy a lower end Sony receiver and a pair of the Pioneer SP-BS22s.  I listened to them in the store and was impressed but of course you don't really know until you get them home. 

Well I connected the system together on a shelf in the garage and I must say I am more than take back by the fabulous mids, highs and equal bass response in these speakers.  At $50.00 each I just can't believe my ears.  How could any manufacturer produce such a pair of shelf mount loudspeakers at such a low price?    I know the enclosures are a one piece molded cabinet out of some type of polymer so that could be one reason.  Frankly for this price, I couldn't care if they were made out of talcum powder as long as the sounded they way the do !!  I have yet to plug them in to my main home surround sound audio system (Rotel, NAD, B&W, Monitor Audio, Oppo Digital) and see how they perform.  I may end up blowing them out of the water so even if I tear up the drivers, a this price break, it would be worth the test !! So bottom line.......yes buy them as you can't go wrong at this price level !!
Oops you already bought them.  Sorry about that.  I meant to say......yes keep them !! 
At their cost they are wonderful. They do the midrange right, and image very well. Are limited in SPL so won’t deliver loudness in a large room. Have not heard better at there cost. (I put together low cost systems for college students as part of this hobby).