How good are the Paradigm Studio 20 V3 ?

I want to know about this speakers. As I red, they are excellent for the price, but I want to know if you compared them to other loudspeakers like Sonus Faber Concertino, Monitor Audio GR10 or other loudspeakers.
Which amplifier you use: tube or ss ? Minimum power you need ?
I´ve never had Minimonitors, but I have to buy a pair.
I contact you from Argentina. Here we have a very little number of Audio dealers. recently arrived to my country the Paradigm Reference at very affordable price.
I will apreciate all the information.
the paradigm is an excellent speaker for all types of music. it would have the most balanced presentation of the three, although all are good.
Very good, but I would also take a listen to the Energy Veritas 2.2's. A bit more money, but worth it IMO.
I am powering a trio (LRC) of P'digm 20V3s with a Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX receiver in our game room. I have some JMLab Micro Utopia BEs also, which in an A/B comparison are a little better, clearer, but cost 6X the price. Because it was a close call against the best stand mount speakers I have ever heard, IMO the 20s live up to their reputation and are a bargain.