How good are the JM Labs Mezzo Utopias?

I was at local dealer yesterday who was offering a demo pair of the JM Labs Mezzo Utopia speakers that list for $14,000 for a very good deal. I realize a new model has replaced this model. I want to know how room friendly these speakers are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what else compares to them, etc.

Thanks for your help and Happy Listening.
Hi Big, "How good" is a relative term isn't it... I don't know what the price you're getting is, so can't compare to other offerings out there. BUT, here goes:
Mezzo's with appropriate amplification (i.e. hi-current, multi watt ss, a strong & controled tube) are very "precise" sounding. They have a reasonably flat response off axis, and a slight mid-bass & upper treble prominence on axis. Lots of detail down to the bass region. THey gave the feeling of always being "controlled" i.e. nothing was getting out of hand, even at high spls. They weren't "polite" (as a reference, I find Revels "polite"). They can rock and jazz, and play the blues... Not knowing your musical prefs, I don't know what else to say. If you're serious, mail me direct. Cheers
They are an excellent speakers and prefer fine electronics. I would reccomend tubes to tame the sometimes agressive highs when borderline source material is used. With clean source material they can be magical.