How good are Kef Reference 4's

Does anyone have an opinion on Kef Reference 4's? Would you suggest another speaker in this same price range? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks all.
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Mornin', I listened to the KEFs about a year ago. I used to own KEF 103/4s and loved them. The Model fours had uncontrolable bass in my room and could not fix it for the life of me so I returned them. Take a listen to Dynaudio. These seem to have the great qualities of the KEFs but in my opinion even better. The Contour series is great!!!!!!!!! You can email me for more info. Also check them out at
I've never heard the KEF Reference Fours, but I've heard the Two's and I own a pair of KEF Reference 105/3's (which would place between the current model Three's and Four's. As stated before me, they cross over at good points and have a great "full range" sound. I have a pair of JPS Labs Golden Flutes on mine, and thus don't need a subwoofer as I'm hearing down to 25Hz or lower. As well, the Uni-Q arrangement with the midrange and tweeter allow for great, wide dispersement of the upper end. Midrange is excellent. I don't think you'd go wrong with these for the price.
Hello, I can only comment on the Kef Ref. 2 in my room. I would second many of the comments here. With a 60 watt integrated I can reach incredible sound levels in a 12x19 room. Dynamics and imaging are excellent. But the strength, IMHO, is the superb vocals and midrange. Music recorded with some depth and atmosphere absolutely make the speakers disappear. Keep these speakers away from walls and corners to help control the bass unless, of course, you love wild amounts of low frequencies. Added bonus is that the Reference line is magnetically shielded in case you must place them next to or near a TV monitor. Since the Ref. 4 has even greater potential for bass response, seriously consider an amp, tube or solid state, that has a reputation for clamping down on bass control. The sound you get should be tremendous!
I have owned a pair of the Reference 4 for a few years now. I have also owned the older Reference series 104/2 and 105/3. The Reference 4 are a bit more full bodied. While they sound decent with any quality amp they really, really, really like a lot of good clean power. A quality amp will bring out the best in them so that may be an area you have to upgrade also along with your speakers.