How good are Japanese made tubes ?

I recently got some Japanese 12AX7 and 12AT7 tubes. Japanese tubes seem to be very rare. Is there any collector interest ?
I have contemporary Takatsuki TA-300b, and they are superb. Expensive, but superb.
I've had 12AU7 tubes made in Japan by Toshiba for Hewlett Packard. They were awesome sounding and very close in performance (at least in my gear/system) to more expensive NOS Raytheon Black Plate 12AU7 tubes.

If you really want to see interest for your Japanese made tubes list what you have and see if anyone makes you offers or buys from you.
Matsushita, using Mullard equipment, made some great tubes in Japan during the early 1970's.

I had a pair of Matsushita 12AX7, labeled Westinghouse, that were absolutely fabulous.

If you can find any of these tubes, they generally go for a song and IMO are great values.