How good are Axiom loudspeakers


Now I am using Pinnacle AC-650 and Paradigm Titan.
I am thinking about upgrading them. I read a rave review about axiom speakers and as they are relatively inexpensive, I am wondering how good they really are.

My particular interest are M3ti, M22ti M60ti and M80ti.

How good are the M3ti and M22ti at at what level it could compete with?

For M60ti and M80ti are they really that great? I mean are they comparable to NHT 2.9 or NHT3.3 and PSB Stratus Silver or Gold series?

I am aware of thier 30 day return policy, but shiping these heavy speakers back still costs a lot of money.

Has anyone auditioned these before and can give me some ideas of how good it could compare to which speaker?

What are other good alternative for floorstanding and bookshelf speaker in the same price range that you would recommend?
thank a lot for any input.

Just to follow up. My system right now is NAD 304 and a cheapo JVC CD player. THinking about upgrading to NAD 370 and better CD player soon.

These are seriously contenders. I have turned many onto these and run a pair of the M3Ti myself. They are much smoother, detailed, less bright and dynamic than the Titans which I've also owned. They will reveal inferior equipment on the front end. I was leary of the metal drivers but they are absolutely smooth.

Get the black vinyl as the Boston Cherry looks like bad vinyl. They need decent heavy stands. If you want to skip the return policy deal, Audio Shoppe in Ottawa, Canada had some old price current stock with the M3Ti at $244 USD delivered 2 day priorty. I believe they are, but you may have to search. Ask for Mark as he does the out of country sales. Good luck.
I bought a pair of the Axiom M22ti about five months ago. So far I've really enjoyed listening to them. The music is clear and focused. Though it won't shake your walls with subterrainean bass what it does have is fairly tight. You can get factory outlet versions (small cosmetic blemishes only) for just over $300. In my opinion, they are a great bargain. The only real comparison I have made with them is to my Paradigm Reference Studio 60s. These are floor-standers weighing about 70-80 lbs each. While the Axioms don't have the weight or slam of the Paradigms I thought they were a bit better on vocals. The Axioms also lack the shear scale the Paradigms can exhibit on symphonic works.