How fast is the Oppo BDP-93?

Specifically, how fast does it load DVDs and CDs? The reviews note that it's very quick to load Blu-ray discs (compared to other Blu-ray players). I assume that the same is true for DVDs and CDs, but I haven't found any information on load times for those formats. Thanks.
Agree...i cannot say i have compared, but i can say that i have 12 blu-rays and none takes more than 5-10 seconds to load...nearly instantaneous on most of them. and DVDs are instantaneous.
Okay, I'll ask what everyone is wondering ...... why do you want to know this?
Thanks for the responses. My DVD player is on its way out, so I'm thinking Blu-ray. My friends' Blu-ray players are super slow, even with DVDs. And, if I go for the Oppo, I might want to use it for CDs as well. But only if it's reasonably quick.
I was tempted to say it'll consistently turn 2 minute laps at Laguna Seca, but in fact it's fast enough I never notice the load time when playing a Blu-ray disc. Loading and playing CDs and SACDs is so quick you barely have time to sit down if you have it on auto-play -- I turned auto-play off for that reason.

I can understand the OP's question. I have a cheap Sony BR player and it makes all these noises for about 40 seconds before the menu pops up.
I have a Sony S350 Blu-Ray player and it takes eons for it to load a disc and start playing.. My Sony top loading SCD 777ES SACD player takes a full minute to start playing a SACD disk.
It's faster than a speeding bullet.