How far out there are you?

I suspect I might have an addictive personality, if you subscribe to the belief of such, and of late, audio has been my most costly vice. I check A'gon each AM while I get my first ‘hit’ of caffeine, then later in the day, just in case something I want comes up cheap.

My system has progressed from the meager beginnings of a Pioneer Elite receiver in 90’s to a Meridian 861 pre/pro and G98 player, both the Samsung and Sony Blu-ray players, the Toshiba HD-XA1, a Teac Esoteric DV-50s and numerous other sources, speakers and amps that fortunately for me the wife tolerates in all kinds of places. Amazingly, I still pine for more. I want the EMM Labs CDSD and DAC6e combo and the AA player as well as the new Revel Ultima2 speakers, and when they come in, new Levinson amps as well. All this spending seems to make those childhood ‘fixes’ seem cheap and I haven’t even touched on the cabling that costs more than many cars made today.

FWIW I truly LOVE my system, and when we where looking at houses, some got immediately knocked off the list as the HT wouldn’t fit into them.

I know I am not the only one hooked on this audio ‘crack’, so what is your story??
Kenny, sounds like you are enjoying yourself.

Unlike many audio folks, I only have 1 system, although I do have a backup vintage receiver just in case. I used to have several 70's receivers, amps and speakers, but one day it dawned on me that instead of having so many average pieces, I needed to find them new homes and move up the audio chain and enjoy the music. I did just that about 18 months ago and have never been happier. I like gear, but I like music more, and I try to focus on obtaining music that I love.

Enjoy yourself, there are several different ways to enjoy this hobby.
You need help man :)
"Oh, I'm out there, baby, I'm out there"...George Castanza
When I discovered Agon four years ago I was like the kid in a candy store. Sometimes changing equipment before taking time to evaluate it. Amps, dacs, cd players, speakers, and cables lined up waiting for a turn. It was fun but I'm glad it's over. With my current set up I have no real desire to change anything so my focus has returned to where it should be -- the music.
That being said, when I see a bargain here or on ebay, I'll make an offer.
If this were the '40's---I would recommend a lobotomy, (at a discount rate,of course)---Perhaps you might check into some sort of halfway house---Maybe I can start you on some sort of intervention program.----I'll be happy to store your equipment at no expense to you ,what so ever. Getting clean won't be easy.------"How far out there am I ?"---Thats "Nunyo"--- (nun yo business.)
Kennyt... you are out there. I check Agon several times a day, but I rarely pursue making offers unless I'm looking to make serious changes to my system (currently in the process of selling my large floorstanders and SET integrated to monitors and high powered integrated). My wife complains all of the time that I am always on the computer... she probably thinks I'm looking at porn, or am having an on-line affair... but no, I'm typically reviewing audio related links.

Unsound... I got a kick out of your Castanza reference. Classic stuff!
I don't understand . . . is there a problem?
A manager of a high-end audio store made a statement to me long ago that i'll never forget, and actually helped me to slow down and think alot more about what i really wanted and how much money i was willing to spend to get there. he told me as i was expressing some anxiety about the cost of the hobby in general, that "as long as your having fun" you are going to end up okay. especially considering the VERY expensive equipment this store had on display, stuff way, way out of my reach, i thought his advice was very considerate, especially towards those of us that have to wait and build a system over a long time, or perhaps stare at pictures in magazines and read the reviews, as a substitute for being Donald Trump. and certainly it's true that you can build an inexpensive but very satisfying system at one end of the spectrum, while moving the other way you can end up dissatified over a pretty expensive set-up because it does alot of things really well, but has an "achilles heel" that you haven't quite found a solution for yet, but are spending alot of cash trying to "fix". so it's just very important to enjoy the music and try to find a balance at whatever stage you're at.
I think I'm at the point of no return.
Not that I'm unhappy with anything that I own.
I cannot think of any mistakes in my 2 channel system = NO RETURNS!
My 7.1 rig may be due for updating, but I am still satisfied with it & will wait to see which format will work best & be most cost effective.
For now I just buy tweaks, LP's, cartridges & arms for my vinyl rigs.
Just bought a A to D converter yesterday & I'll work on that project to start the new year off right.
Is the grass really greener?
I think not!
Most of us are there, but do not want to admit it.
It's nice to try different things/upgrades in a system, but most of the time it is detremental & involves another system change, then another & another.
Happy New Year to ALL!
They say in order to break this addiction of ours we must first hit rock-bottom... but man, every time I get an ear full of one of those musical tones, my adiction rears it ugly head and its back to my listening chair, or worse yet, straight to the computer, to get my daily fix of audiogon and all of those pleasantries. Rehab? NO-WAY... ;^)
OK, so it seems I am somewhere between needing an audio twelve step program and normal... Cool!!! I'll side with normal and slightly twisted. Timrhu, understand, I like every source I have, and currently all are actively used in (mainly) my reference system or the bedroom.

Pdreher, scarily enough, in the last year I just completely sold off my Linn AV51 system as it was to small for the room in the current house and progressivley got to where I am, but now I seem to crave new gear... when I find something I like more than something else I have, I keep it and consider selling off the older piece, or moving it to the bedroom. The only problem with doing that is then the bedroom system gets to need high end parts as well to match the rest of the gear....

OK, where are the local Audio Anonnymous meetings??