How far I can go with tonearms on my Thorens 124?

I have recently bought and upgraded Thorens 124 tt with silicon motors grommets, new belt, oiling (if that counts for upgrade :), waiting for silicon mushrooms for the base and silicon nitride ball and new gasket and housing. I was very pleased with all small upgrades (rumbling level is one to mention). I have SME 3009 II impr (early one with Shure logo), and ZYX R50 Bloom which I love tremendously, no doubt why Audiogon is full of ZYX discussion, it is sad it did not go for FUJI straight ahead :).

I have a feeling that I could get more from the tt with replacing tonearm (which I think a basic arm by all means). I am biased because TD 124 is 50 y.o. turntable which has its limitations of the age, yet certain charisma to love in it, so advanced tonearm, which I could use later on another TT might not benefit on current one...

Tonearm choices (I am sorry if touching already happened discussions, hence it might tt related), I lined as Schoeder Model TWO, Morch UP-4, Tri-planar, Graham and Hadcock (GH228).

1) What would reasonable level of the arm to buy, yet to use later on other tt (say Orbe)?
2) I am likely to search used ones, which of those would be easiest/most difficult to get (I am not in hurry, but some might take years for search)?

Of all what I read, Schroeder sounds like the best choice, I am just confused with lead time and how that works...

Thanks in advance.
I have a Thorens 124 that I plan to restore in the near future, I have a JMW 12.5 Arm that I may try & implement
if I can make a custom arm board that will work.
I always love a challenge.

The Schroder two would probably be a great choice. I
have a Schroder two on My Teres/VPI hybrid & is a stellar performer, But I had to wait over a year to get it (2 years ago) now I think the wait is more like 2 years to
get a Schroder unless You happen to come across a very rare
indeed used one for sale.

I have never had my Thorens operational since I purchased it used & the ortophon Arm was damaged, So I'm not much
help as far as actual listening experience goes with this

by the way where did You get the replacement parts for your
TD124 ? I have a new belt, But am going to need a new idler.

Hi Larry,

Idler wheels come up from time to time at Ebay. For other stuff, like ceramic ball upgrade/bronze thrust plate etc, just type "Thorens" under search and should list them.

If you have an old idler wheel, since your 124 is not operational yet, maybe it is the best time to send it for re-surfacing. I would recommend under "Rebuild Services".

I have tried Morch DP-6, Graham 2.2, SME 3009 II (Non improved) on my Thorens, and I highly suggest the Morch DP-6. Despite its slender look, it feels very solid and it perform extremely well.

Check out my Thorens 124-Morch DP-6 - Clearaudio Maestro. I really love the synergy of this combo!
Looks like the search is down to Moerch and Shroeder (if I am lucky to find used one). Is there a significant difference b/w UP-4 and DP-6, actually questions is would be there such a difference on my TD 124?

Thanks to whom already responded.
I would recomend Jachim Bung's "Swiss precision - The story of the Thorens 124 turntable" to anyone who owns one of these classics.

FYI - the book was reviewed in stereophile some while back.
I actualy use the TD 124 with Graham Phantom / Jan Allaerts Finish as my reference . It is a combo made in heaven. I suggest some upgrades for the TD 124 to perform the best : 1/ Slate plinth 2/ Slate tonearmboard 3/ remove the rubber mushrooms and tight contact with plinth 4/ Strip motor clean and lubricate ( cf analog dpt.) 5/ strip bearing clean and lubricate 6/ Idler wheel noise reduction kit (Schopper) 7/ new streched belt 8/ good power cable.
Graham Phantom is a top performer and no need 12" tonearm in this application, so you conserve the original armboard config.
You can mail me for more info. Best.