How far have things come regardingSS electronics?

Is a new 55 wpc amp that much improved over my 1p84 vintage NAD?

I read so much about how good the vintage suff is I have to wonder.
If it's a new NAD you are talking about, my guess would be that it would be better by more than a little. But I haven't heard it (obviously), so I don't know. When I think of "vintage" I think of older tube equipment. I don't know that SS "vintage" is considered good in the same way. If it's not a NAD, watch out--NAD makes good stuff.
Yes solid state has greatly improved especially in the last five years with SACD and DVD-A requiring better electronics.
I have an old 3020 NAD in my gym and it still sounds excellent with the right speakers. I also have an older ARC D250 tube amp which is simply increadible.
That said, the 3020 doesn't do what my new Bel Canto amps can do. I think the digital amps are the biggest leap forward in SS design as of yet. I think the designs of today have a lower noise floor than yesterdays designs.