How far can I run a signal from a Cartridge.

I am wanting to get back into vynil and I am going to be getting a table (considering P3) and I would like to use the phono stage in my Linn Pretek. But there is a problem. The preamp would be 10 feet away from the table.

Can I run a signal this far without destroying it? It would be nice if I could as this is only a temporary soultion until my wife and I buy a house?

I could buy a Rega Phono stage but would it be that much better than the phonostage in my Linn? Seeing as in a year or so I might not need to use it anymore. I am wanting to save money money here and I am not sure if it would work.

I also will be using a high output MM cartridge ove about 6.5mv or so. I am thinking the Goldring 1042.

So my question is: would this work? How far can I run a signal without destroying it?
Six feet is commonplace, and I can't imagine that four more would make any noticable difference. No reason not to try it.
Phono cable should be as short as possible. Though with high output cartridge one can theoretically have longer run, it still is not a good idea. I would avoid going 10 feet unless absolutely necessary, but then you have to understand that you will be degrading the sound.
Thanks Eldartford

I was accually thinking that by the time I add in the leads coming from the table it could be 12-13 ft with a connector in there to join the two cables.

Thats twice as far plus a connection. Think it would still work?
Nickway...It will certainly "work". The only way to tell if there will be any audible degradation is to try it. The degradation you might expect would be Hum, and roll-off of extreme high frequency. I doubt you will be able to hear any problem.

By the way, a "High Output" phono pickup electrical interface is a higher impedance circuit than a "Low Output" moving coil pickup, and is therefore more susceptable to noise pickup. However, a lower voltage signal would require more gain, so even though it picks up less noise the overall result is about the same.
The other sound issue that I would expect is an increase in grain.
Redkiwi...What is "grain" and why do you think it would increase?
As I recall, with MM cartridges you have to take into consideration the capacitance of the I/C you are going to use to be sure your getting the proper match with your cartridge. Capacitance is usually measured by the ft x the ft length of the I/C. You might like to look into this issue.
Newbee...True. The longer interconnect could actually improve the loading.
What do you mean by improve the loading?

I don't quite follow. Sorry :(