How far away is your Nirvana

I am of course referring to audio Nirvana not world peace.
I have found it.
It was not long ago that I was in despair over never having the kind of money needed to build the type of systems I admired at the "Shows" nor anything I really liked that I listened to in my area. Nevertheless I needed to try.
I finally made some major chamges not just a tweak here or there. One was moving away from monster SS power amps (400wpc monoblocks but inexpensive for that much power) to tube powered monoblock amps. That made such a tremendous change I thought I was done nothing else was needed. Thanks to my friend Joe.
Then one more change and...
I really found it!
It took all of $300 to buy a used AE-3 preamp. I only wanted it because it used 6SN7s and no other tubes. I needed a way check the sonics of a fairly large collection of 6SN7s. I bought them initially for an amp I no longer used. They were the driver tubes in that circuit -
certainly not in the most sensitive place for critical listening and evaluation.
I couldn't believe it. I suddenly had a system that I liked as much as any I had ever encountered regardless of price or rarity. I mean it really as good or better than any I had ever heard.
I thought I was a million dollars and years of experimenting away. All it took were these two steps. So you just never know.

My question is how far away do you think your Nirvana is?

There is a downside to the story. Many of my 6SN7s were actually not very good at all. At least not for use in a critical gain stage even though they worked just fine as drivers and made a big impact on the overall sound. None of them honestly seem to have issues despite a circuit sensitive enough to allow you to easily discern what made the different types, vintage and brands distinctive.
What is your complete system?
I'll probably keep tweaking forever, just for the fun of finding seemingly insignificant mods to my current equipment that yield noticeable refinements with little expense; and just to do Something. But I've pretty much reached Nirvana with my system in terms of sheer listening involvement and enjoyment.
Whenever I visit a high-end dealer I come away believing that my home system sounds so much better by most every standard despite their demonstrating systems costing considerably more than my own. I've even stopped attending RMAF after repeated disappointment with components touted as being state-of-the-art but ultimately less satisfying than my own. I finally have a system that allows me to enjoy music without wondering what component might bring me more satisfaction.
Tweaking IS my Nirvana.
Congratulations. Enjoy it as long as you can.

I've always been satisfied with my systems, until I hear something better. Then the bar of expectations is raised.
I'm there.
I am of course referring to audio Nirvana not world peace.
Nirvana is a world at peace.
how far away do you think your Nirvana is?
Your separation from Nirvana is the illusion.

I don't know where Nirvana is, so I don't know how far away I am from it.
I Googled it and Nirvana is in Michigan which puts me almost exactly 2,400 miles away. At first glance it would seem I am a very long way from Nirvana.

This distance thing set me to thinking. I listen to my system for hours at a time completely lost in the music. But that was the case when much lesser gear was involved.

The thing is improving the playback quality enhances an experience that was already good. Finding new ways to tailor the sound to more closely fit my ideal is also enjoyable because I love to learn and tinker.

So anything that plays music is sufficient. If it sounds great all the better. That it isn't perfect is fine; it can be improved through learning new concepts and experimentation. So, while my system is comparatively simple it nonetheless brings me comfort and happiness.

Looks like I'm a long way from Nirvana with 2,400 miles to enjoy. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll never get there.
Nirvana? That band sucked.

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)
I really think this time, I'm almost there...Hopefully
It is not uncommon to suffer Audiophilia Depressiva prior to moving on to the next stage, Audiophilia Euphoria

It's only an issue if you cycle through these stages multiple times per year. ;)
Quad 989's
Just a bit further than My Blue Heaven and my Shangri-La.
My take from what I hear and read from majority of true audiophiles is that nirvana is no more than an unattainable concept. The "nirvana fulfillment line" is illusive.
For me it's about having a good listening space. Thanks in part to the financial crisis, my wife's good credit, and a healthy amount of dumb luck we finally bought a house in December.

Once the garage bicycle lab is complete I'll be able to de-clutter the basement and set up my larger rig. My gear is nothing special and probably never will be. Having a decent-sized listening/recording space will be a huge step for me.

I'll worry about the gear eventually. Or not.
Far. Complete Shindo system including TT.