How far away from your speakers are you?

I thought it would be interesting to know how people position their speakers... do you have the freedom to put them where you want or do practicalities dictate?.. How far away are they from the listening position?.. How big's the room and how far away are they from boundary walls? My main speakers (Seas A26) are 1' from back wall, 3' from sides in a 14' by 20' room and my listening position is  about 16' from the speakers. Just wondering how much floor space we're willing to give up to get the optimum placement.
Good question.   I have 2 listening areas.   Main, for my primary system.  Secondary, for my computer system.

My listening room is 30ft x 12ft, roughly divided in 2.   Approximately 1/2 is for equipment and listening.  Approximately 1/2 is for an office.



Speaker are about 2.5ft from side walls, about 4ft from the back wall and sit about 6.5ft apart.   My chair is about 6.5-7ft from the speaker center line.    Speakers are toed in so I can just see the back edges of the cabinets.

I initially placed the KEF pr in the same location as the Triangle pr: about 3ft from the side walls, 5ft from the back wall and about 6ft apart, with a listening distance of 6ft.   This location was perfect for the Triangle pr; they disappeared with an image that extended far beyond the confines of the cabinets.  However with the KEF pr, I began to feel that the the stereo image was a bit confined and I wasn't fully hearing what I felt the pr were capable of. 

I moved the KEF pr a little closer to the side walls, a little farther apart, and a littler farther away from me.   Improvement was immediate.  A much wider and more detailed sound stage.  Images have started to move outside of the speaker edges.  I hear more depth around musicians etc.  Still a work in progress, but moving farther away definitely helped.

Triangles worked best in near field.  KEF not so near so to speak, even though they are an homage to the LS3/5a which is the archetype for the nearfield monitor.

Secondary system is in my office.   

Spica TC50

Speakers are located at the outer back edges of a 4ft wide desk and toed in to directly face me, and my head is about 3ft away.   Imaging is pin point with outstanding depth and placement, albeit in a small space.  Almost like a pr of headphones.   I tried several small monitors in the same space (NEAR 10m, Acoustic Energy Aegis 1, ADS 410, Advent 3, Dynaco A-10) and the Spicas are significantly better in this location.   Like the KEF example, not what was expected. 

The lesson of all of the above is to be open to experimentation, and thinking out side of the box.
      My dual Audire dual mono powered amps feed older B&W 803 II Matrix speakers on 10", time aligned positioned subs a bit over 2 feet from the back wall of windows, 4 1/2  feet apart in a 12 foot wide room that is 9 feet deep,  The speaker/dining room (Table is below and between the speaker drivers) is about 6" lower than the rest of the house, and is completely open to a 25 foot deep kitchen room on one side, and 32-35 feet on the other. Variable bright reflection or deadening rear reflection of the sound is provided by blinds with a woven, convex surface on one side and a slick concave side on the other.  Other options are available by partially open blinds that can be set for a bit of directionality of the reflection off of the 12-14 foot high windows and with open windows, at least when my neighbors are gone for the winter.  I usually run the blinds in the soft, reflection absorbing position.
     The rest of my house is two medium sized bedrooms and baths.  Depending on the source and the mix of the recording, and on the position of the blinds, I sit from 10 feet to about 13 feet away, which gives me from 15-22 feet of open room behind me.  I did buy the house based on what I thought the acoustics would be, with its open area floor plan and high ceilings.  My guess was right.  My electronics are in the ex- laundry room, with its dedicated washer outlet.  Speaker cables are still only about 14-15 feet long. 
     Yes, I am spoiled by my listening room, but...
     It gets worse!  By turning my listening room chair 90 degrees, after sliding it back a few feet, I have my much older stand mount B&W DM14's a foot and a half from the wall, 5 feet apart, and 12-13 feet from me, with the ceiling rising from 10 to 14 feet before dropping off behind me.  Under the television, just above the fireplace mantle is a fake fireplace stuffed with Bryston electronics and TV electronics.     And yes, all can play on NPR FM play when I cook!
     Oh yeah, a friend gave me his BOSE towers with powered subs, which sit alone on the back wall by my antique desk, alas, with no amp, bless their little hearts.
Hi all,

  I had the luxury of designing my music room on the side of our home with no size restrictions. The room is 30 ft. wide  by 55 ft. long with no parallel surfaces. The ceiling is 11 ft high in front and 18 ft high in the rear. The ceiling design was patterned after a concert hall in Osaka Japan.It was designed with acoustic treatment from ETF tests taken when the room was closed in.

 The three front channel line sources are 9ft 6 inches tall. Left and right channels are 6 ft. from built in subs and center channel is 11 ft from the curved front wall.  Seating positions are 23 ft. from the front channels.  Pictures are in Audiogon's extra large rooms-Ken Fritz's system.

  Additional information in the following links.

Maggie 1.7is, large room in open floorplan, speakers are 77in apart, angled exactly 13.396deg. Tweeters to outside (for now). Ideal Listening position 108in from center of line between speakers. 
As measured from center of drivers:

8.5’ from listening position

23.5’ W X 11.75’ D X 10’ w/ 15’ peak H

3.5’ from wall behind speaker backs

6.75’ from side walls