How far apart are your speakers?

just curious as to how far apart most peoples speakers are set up. Are you measuring from center to center of woofers?
Depends on your room size. My speakers are almost 10' apart as well as my listening distance.
Hmm, lemme get the tape....

Room 119 by 140 inches.

Speakers (woofer center to woofer center) 51 inchs apart. Situated along short wall.

Baffle to rear wall 38 inches. Center of woofer to side wall about 34 inches.
Varies on your room size.Rule of thumb measurment is
Room Width divided by 18 then times 5 and then times 12 will give you inches to center of your speakers from side walls.Example of 20ft wide room...would be 66.60 inches to center of woofer...
>Speakers (woofer center to woofer center) 51 inchs apart<

You have NO idea what your speakers sound like....

3 meters. Yes.
Six feet, center. Very little toe-in.
Coil to coil 8.5 feet. 4 ft from rear wall, 2.5 frm side wall, 16 ft back. Schweikert Vr-8 (nice)
My speakers are 8' apart, 2' off the side walls, 4'6" from the rear wall, my ears are 10' from the baffle and 5' from the rear wall.
Room is 22' X 12'X 8'
For 3 years I had the Avalons set 40" from woofer to woofer, about 5 ft. from back wall.
After getting advise from fellow audiophile, I placed speakers along side wall, about 2.5' from wall, 8 ft aprt from woofer to woofer, 6 feet from listening position. This set up allowed speakers to be free from side wall reflections. They have LOTS of space around them.
Magic: soundstage is wide and deep, presentation seems to pin-point instruments/musicians. It is the best I've heard in my room. Try it!
My Dunlavy V's are exactly 105" apart, towed in about 10 deg

The V's must sound great nevermind the distance ;-)
About 8' which is the distance I listen to them at. 40 ft long room can listen at 15' or 34' they are 6 from the Back wall.
My room is 13 x 22 and my speakers are all the way in the corners, about one inch from each wall, ten inches high and angeled so they intersect a few feet in front of my listening chair. This is the set up Audio Note recommends and I really enjoy the wall of sound and dynamics the corner loading provides.

Oz, why do you say "you have no idea what your speakers sound like" to Distortion?
My Speakers are 10' apart and I am 10' feet from each speaker in a triangle. The speakers disapear and the center image is all thats left.
The acoustic centers of my Vandersteen's are 52.7" out from the back wall, 34.4" from the sides and are 8'9" apart. I sit 8'6" back. They are slightly in at less than about 5 degrees.
My Apogee panels are around 10' apart center-center woofer panel, so around 8' mid/tweet ribbon. They are 5' out and 7' from side walls...I sit at 12' with 5' between me and the wall toe.

aprox 19 ft. apart...2 1/2 ft from side walls....16ft from front wall....5ft from backwall. in a 22 1/2 ft by 21 1/2 ft room
my B&W N803s are 83 inches apart between cabinets. 20" from side wall to cabinet, 47 inches from rear wall to cabinet. toed in so that the tweeters cross about a foot behind listenning position.