How eclectic is your taste in music?

Most, if not all, of my best friends in life have embraced different forms/styles/types of music.  

The music ranged from Jazz to Classical to some Rock and others...even some more classic, early country. 

Do you enjoy various music styles or are you more focused on a type or two?....And how/where does the 
music of this season fit in?  I find Nat Cole doing Mel Torme's  "The Christmas Song" comes very close to nearly everything I love about music. 

And I have gotten over people thinking the title to that song is "Chestnuts Roasting"....I no longer have the urge to burn down their tree...mostly. 

 Amadeus to Zappa  - Indeed

I have this debate all the time with my audio consultant.  He listens to god awful music (in my not so humble opinion) because it was recorded well and sounds great on the systems he demos.  I listen to the musician and their music whether it was recorded in 1928 or 2020.  How can I not listen to Blind Willie Johnson's Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground) and not be moved.  I can only take Jack White's music in limited doses, but I sure like him as an artist, musician and love his business models.  Yep, the recent classical releases on Analogue Productions are inspiring as well.  Then again, save those 36 minute Dark Star's from bootleg tapes for when you are in the mood - because that was a band made in shangri la!  Those Dark Star versions are like Keith Jarrett's live solo piano work - you just never know where it will lead you.

Anybody see that article in TAS a few issues back about the three types of music listeners?  It was a great article that sums us up perfectly.  I'll see if I can find that article again.

I've been enjoying a lot of female vocalists lately because they sound so good on my system.  Some recordings are from the 1950's.

BUT, my collection has no room, none, for rap and hip-hop.  That is not music.  Bad Poetry to boring syncopated drum solos - best description yet.

Pretty eclectic lol. I struggle with country music as well as corporate pop music, and don't like jazz but, aside from that I love Die Antwoord to Bach, Pink Floyd to Sex Pistols, Christopher Cross to Tool, Broadway musicals to The Proclaimers, The Who to Gogol Bordello. Hundreds of CDs and now thousands of tunes and hundreds of artists  in TIDAL. 
He, he, he....good post.
I like all music, with the exception of Rap.
Just can't seem to wrap my ears around any Rap singers music...
I've tried......
Thrash/death/black metal, blues, rock, 60s’ rock, country.
some 80’s fast techno (rave music)
 1812 overture on my CV  D9’s’
some classical through my Energy rc-70s’

   iPod for light drinking listening.
its on shuffle:
john denver
internal bleeding
humble pie
the band
grateful dead
living death
pat travers
john winter
abba (when wife home)

 anything,and everything.

 Some 80’s rap, not on iPod. The neighborhood, life, political stuff,not the newer garbage.

many others not listed. Elvis
etc etc. 

@Parker65310- thanks for that. I may get a copy, I'm far less deep on digital than I am on vinyl. I purged about 12,000 record when I moved and did another purge more recently-- largely to make room for, you guessed it-- more records! But, I do have the ability to play an SACD if the compilation you mentioned is available in that medium. For files, I'm rather limited by my DAC to standard Rez. 
Part of it is precisely what some others mentioned- I know there are diehard opera fans, I just found it hard to get my head around, great performances notwithstanding. best,
bill hart