how due i improve sound quality??

currently using mog thru internet usb this limiting the sound i hear?? What upgrades could I use and how much will it matter??
I paid $25 for a USB cable (unknown brand) and it improved the sound considerably over my stock USB with fuller bass and smoother highs so it is worth trying.

I do not have a recommendation but search the archives
the usb i got was 100 bucks..very good quality
Nyaudio98 - please describe the rest of your system. It's tough to make a recommendation without knowing the equipment you're using.

I listen to MOG a lot and it definitely sounds the best of all the streaming sources because of its higher bit rate. Still, at 320 kbps there's only so much you can do to improve things. A decent DAC definitely helps, but then so do decent amplification and speakers.

MOG will disappear in about a month, to be replaced by I was happy to see they'll still be streaming at 320 kbps. MOG has been an incredible bargain at $5 a month and beatsmusic won't be quite as good a deal but there seems to be a lot of muscle behind the startup so I'm hoping the music selection will be even broader.
$100 for a USB cable to stream 320 MP3s? Sheesh!

I've been happy with Monoprice usb cables, which are dirt cheap.