How does transport contribute sonically on CDs?

My experience in combining various Redbook-CD transports and DACs is more limited than some here, but there seems to be a sonic signature carried by many transports, regardless of the DAC used. Would like to hear what others have found, with specific examples. E.g., are there transports known for having extended, well-defined bass fairly independent of the DAC employed (assuming that a tube DAC is not used!).
It is a good question. I am suprised you havent gotten more responses as yet. Unfortunately, I havent got the expertise you need.
I think that if you do a search for 'transport' in the A'gon search engine you will find lots to read. It has been my experience that the DAC is most important, although there are many who disagree.

My Cd player has a magnetic 'puc' that locks the CD into place so it doesn't slide around as it picks up speed. At first i hated this....thing, but now I have noticed my CDs no onger have shid marks on them.