How does this happen--CD defect?

Based on a recommendation in another A'gon thread, I just bought Anne McCue's Roll, a CD that is supposed to have at least a dozen tracks on it. After slapping it in the car player on the way home last night, I started thinking the second song started the same way the first one did, and that was odd. I then started thinking that the second song sounded a lot like the first generally. I then realized the first song was on the CD twice.

Then I got home at determined my copy has the third listed track on it twice, and *nothing* else. God only knows how many CDs I've acquired, but this has never happened before... How exactly, with mass production, does this occur? Anyone know? Is this common? Have I just been lucky?
about 12 years ago or so I bought a SMITHEREENS CD (alt. rock). Got it home put it on the stereo and discovered it had completely different/wrong music on it. I think it was some kind of new age or something. The CD label was correct though. I brought it back to the store. the manager thought I was nuts. He put it on and couldn't believe it. he said he had never had that happen before. hasn't happened to me since.

SH*T happens i guess.
The answer is obvious. That is, you purchased the "censored" version of this disc. Since they would have to sell it as a "CD single" if there were only one recorded track on it, and therefore make less money, they gave you two tracks : )

That's a weird one. I can see how labels on LP's could be swapped ( wrong label for different band / album ), but something like that is nothing i've ever heard of before. Sean
I once purchased what was labeled to be Kansas' "Point of No Return" cd. It turned out it had a different Kansas cd recorded on it, definitely not the "Point of No Return" I had intended to buy! I guess sometimes they slap the wrong labels on them, but your problem with repeated and missing tracks seems to be quite a different one.
I had a copy of 'Roll' that played the first song twice and that was it, though all the other tracks were listed. I traded it in for another copy which plays just fine. I've, of late only, had two other cd's which simply would not play at all due to TOC(?) problems.

I've a Naxos cd printed and cased as Johann Helmich Roman's "Music for a Royal Wedding", but which in reality is a euro/trance/disco kinda thing. Naxos gladly replaced it and let me keep the original as a curio! Anti-censoring??? Anarchists at work???
Gordus, sure it wasn't the third track? I'm guessing the track is Stupid, starts off with a lyric about "Lennon said there were no more institutions"? I'm not too familiar with McCue (owning only one song), but it sounded like it should have been called Stupid. Anyway, musta been a bad batch. If there are more of 'em out there I feel a bit less like I'm being haunted by gremlins...
Edesilva, Now that I think about it, I suspect you're right, but my filing system (and memory) seems to be failing me, can't find the cd anywhere to confirm. Aaaargh!