How does the VPI Aries II stand up to current mid priced tables?

I've always loved the elegant look of the Aries but never owned one. Well I have scratched that itch and purchased one right here on Agon and it's en route right now. Seems to be pretty stock with the 10.5 arm and a possible motor upgrade, excellent condition. Has this turntable aged well? All thoughts are welcome.


"Is there a drop in platter upgrade for the Aries II?"

ozzy62-if you do the Classic platter, It may be  a R/R.It comes with bearing assembly.

Email to VPI to confirm.


@ozzy62, the upgraded platter cost $1500!  If you add that sum to your original used purchase price you could have bought a fully spec'd Aries 3. 

I get your point. But I have seen the platter for 1150.00. Still a lot of $$ I know. But an Aries III doesn't come around very often, not that I have seen.



"you could have bought a fully spec'd Aries 3."

As if one is one the shelf waiting to be purchased.  Useless post.

ozzy62-a couple of mods will still keep you ahead of buy something new at the same expense as far as performance. That of course, is depending on what you paid.