How does the Teac Reference 500 integrated sound

The Teac is $300. Comparing to Cambridge Audio or Creek. I heard NAD to be lacking in detail. I was looking for something to drive\ B&W DM303'sThanks
I have heard both and would take the Creek over the Teac anyday>
haven't hear the Teac and maybe it would surprise me but I doubt it.Teac of course got famous in the 70's for there well built tape decks.But in the 80's it was like Fisher or Emerson venerable names on the lowest quality dreck out there.Build/sound quality is not where it's at just price point.I work in a shop where we sell 303's and the HK recievers are a nice match.65 watts for $350 or 100 watts for $450.But try to find a used Acurus DIA 100 MkII for no more than $400.Check out reviews at Acurus is built like a tank has a amp section with a high input sensitivity thus allowing a passive pre section i.e. nosonic signature.I don't sell 'em yet have reccomended them to a number of freinds and everybody has been WAY pleased.