How does the Peachtree amp and Dac compare...?

How does the Peachtree amp with built in DAC compare to other amp and DAC combinations in sound and value? for instance, has anyone ever compared the Peachtree with a NAD?
More information about your needs would help us provide advice.

That said, I've owned a Peachtree Decco and felt it was a terrific value in that it offered a DAC, AMP, and tubed stage for my home office needs. Well built, and can be had for little money on the used market, especially when compared to separate components. I did not care for the lack of tone controls however (Yes, I realize tone controls are audiophile sacrilege).

I ended up selling the Decco in favor of a fully restored, vintage Marantz receiver and a Grant Fidelity Tube DAC-11. The Tube DAC-11 in one of the best audio bargains out there in my opinion. Very flexible unit that offers great sound from all it's configurations. This paring was a big audio improvement over the Decco, but involves more boxes, cabling, etc.