How does the Peachtree amp and Dac compare...?

How does the Peachtree amp with built in DAC compare to other amp and DAC combinations in sound and value? for instance, has anyone ever compared the Peachtree with a NAD?
I'd imagine that you have the Peachtree Nova 125 and NAD C375BEE in mind.

I think that choosing between the two would be more a matter of personal preference.

The Peachtree unit sounds good, although I liked it better without the tube buffer engaged. It's also going to be a good bit more compact. It's amp section is also based on a class D amp, which is what lends to the compact size.

The NAD sounds like a NAD. I really like NAD equipment and I thought it sounded better than the Peachtree overall.

What complicates your question is that you are also asking about the incorporated DACs. I've never tried the Peachtree with an external DAC, but can say that I've heard a DACit and it sounded really good for the money.

I didn't like the sound of the DAC that you can get in the NAD unit. I thought it sounded better using the DACMagic external DAC that we tried.

If I could mix and match components, I'd take the NAD with a Peachtree DAC.
I took back a NAD 375 BEE after 3 weeks and exchanged it for
a Nova 125. No comparison, the Peachtree is in another class
altogether. So much more refinement across the board. I am a
NAD fan having owned many over the years, but it is totally
out classed by the Peachtree.