How does the Levinson 32 preamp sound?

I would like some opinions/feedback about the Levinson Reference #32 preamp. How does it sound compared to the #380s? How does it sound vs. the best regarded preamps out there? I've read a few reviews, but I would like some other opinions. It would be replacing my #380s in an all Levinson/Revel Salon system.
I happened to upgrade from 380S to 32, so I may be biased.

The difference between 380S & 32 is the lift of veil. You never know it is there when you are using the 380S until you hear 32.

I love the look of 380S, but 32 is even more eye-catching.

I agree with 2 gentlemen above. The ML-32 is one of the best SS Preamp on Hi-end market now. It's still the first place of best choice in Japan magazine " Stereo Sound " since it has been introduced in 1998. If you want better sounds, the power chord also need to change. I just curious, what system do you go with it.
well put Bryan! after noumours big dollar powercords, the Nordost Eldorado fit the Levinson gear the best,IMO. The 32 is superior to the no40. the 32 is designated as a refrence unit as the 40 is not. Levinson will say it up front. The best way to go is use both the 32 for 2 channel and the 40 for HT. I have the no37 and the 360s, Valhalla through out (of course). Just sold the no336, got a 436 for center, STILL looking for 33h's.and still looking for 434's for the rears.(Got to keep up with the Jones's) If you have an opertunity to home demo the no.32, just make sure your ready to buy, cause if you dont, you may not like listening to music anymore ;c)....
It is the best out there. I did not compare it to 380, but, it replaced my KRC-HR (which is the best Krell pre-amp). The differences were substantial. As Hillyau mentions, you need to upgrade the power cord (to the best you can afford). Also the IC's need to be the best. I did not see any improvement with power conditioners, so I'm not using them.
Thanks for all the info. I have bought a #32 and agree with you. It does sound better in many ways than the 380s! I got a little more out of it by plugging it into the PS Audio P300 power conditioner, more slam and dynamics. The reason I wanted some second opinions is that my system has been down for a couple of months, and I sold my #380s and so I did not have it to compare with.
If you would like to share ideas on Mark Levinson/Revel systems email me back.
I'm not sure the P300 is necessary or not as 32 has its own generator by converting AC-DC-AC in 400Hz.

My dealer strongly advised me not to plug the 32 into P300 and said it will not bring any improvement. I haven't tried it since 32 connected into my system. I'm using Siltech SPX-20 powercord.

Happy listening.
I absolute agree with Steven, the PS300 will make different sounds, if the 32 has its own generator by converting AC-DC-AC in 400Hz. why we need to change the power cord, Dealer only for advised but we only believe in our Ear. I was supprised Mark levinson produced a expensive preamp but provided a cheap power cord. Is anybody ever tried on their CZ Gel interconnect? I'm satisfied with my Transparent Reference BLXL.