How does the Cary V12i compare to the V12.

Hi Everyone,

I was wonder if anyone has any experience with the new Cary V12i. I currently have the V12 and was wondering if its worth having it upgraded to "I"?
Listen for yourself Big, the proof is in the puddin' ya know.
Big Wave, From what I'am hearing from a friend of mine who has had both and now has the V-12I; he says its quiet a bit better than the earlier version. I guess it just depends on how much it would cost. But don't get me wrong the original V-12 is a great amp in itself. Regards, Steve
I own the V12i (which I am selling for other reasons) and have heard the original before buying the "i". The original is a fantastic amp, probably the best for the money in high powered tube amps. The V12i, just offers even more dividends. It has better bass for one and the highs are more resolving give it more sense of "air".