How does the AR Ls1 compare w/ other AR preamps

I would like any input on the sound quality of this unit compare to other preamps in the AR family; and also the CJ pre-amps. My amp is a CJ 2500A, speakers ML SL3. Thanks for any input. Sam
I haven't like the lower end CJ preamps I have heard (almost sound muffled to me).
I owned the LS-1 and found its presentation forward, crisp and clean.
I actually asked the factory (Mr. Leonard) how to reduce gain (VERY powerful IMO) which can be done by melting a solder trace on the bottom of its main PCB.
Hope this helps...
Thanks for getting back to me. I try looking for the this connection on the circuit board, and could not find it. Following the instuctions in the manaul; it was confusing. Do you think you could give me some hints so I might trace where this connetion is at. Thanks fot your input.
Factory faxed a diagram which I no longer have.
Call and ask for Leonard -he'll certainly help.
Oh, by the way, I now own an ARC LS-9 which is a steal for the (used) asking price ($500 - $600).
I'm just puzzled why this pre sells so cheap.
I'd get an LS-9 before an LS-1 (bal in/out, remote, etc.).
Hey thanks for your time I will call AR tomarrow for the info on the Ls1. How would you compare the the Ls9 aganist the Ls1 regarding sound quality? I do not need remote nor balance inputs. Thanks again, Sam
They both have the pristine, extended ARC "house sound" which I prefer. Also, excellent dynamics and neutrality.
I had trouble with tube noise in the LS-1 (has a single tube). I tried several different tubes and think I finally found a quiet one.
The LS-1 one is built like a tank and uses MASSIVE transformers which may account for its monster gain.
I cannot live without remote which led to a Classe #6, a Levinson #39 (CD player with built in remote volume) and my current ARC LS-9.
Dweller, What tibes are you using for the LS9. I have a MK2 which came with Grand Dragon tubes and I want to know what other people have used....

Eagleman: Don't rightly remember what brand of tube.
This was about 8-9 years ago. Sorry...