How does Sony XA9000ES compare to ext dacs on cd?

I am curious to know how from Sony XA9000ES owners and listeners how its redbook performance compares to available external dacs such as ECD-1, Kora HermesII, Dodson. I am trying to make a decision on digital upgrade soon and am considering all the following options. I will probably using a Yamaha S2300mkII for a transport for the time being with external dac if I go that path. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. My listening preferences are basically everything besides classical, haven't acquired a taste yet. My system is as follows: Krell KSA-100S, Krell KRC pre, Yamaha S2300mkII, HK-avr7200(for ht), Coincident Super Eclipse speakers, Martin Logan Grotto sub, Audio Magic Stealth power cond, Acoustic Zen Siver ReferenceII, Audioquest Cheetah, Audioquest cv-6 dbs sp cable. Thanks for your needed help.
My Audio Logic DAC 34 used for around $900 but added mch better tubes in it was much better sounding then the Sony. It was clearer, more musical, better separation, wider deeper soundstage and sound more real.

Happy Listening.

Off-topic a little, but do you have the Extender Feet and Large Brass Spikes for your Coincidents? You can see them on the Coincident web site. I fitted these the other day to my Super Eclipse Series II and they give a very nice improvement to the sound. Call Israel up, pay $320 using your credit card and you'll have them in 10 days.