How does sony do it...Part II

Category: Digital

Well, some of you will remmember me when I said I preferred the Sony DVP999es to the many other high end players I've owned ala wadia, mark levinson etc... After some intense conversations and a chance to buy more gear I sold the sony and got me a 9000Es first and then an ML 390S. I missed the cheaper DVP999ES I sold the other stuff and returned to my 999ES. It really does sound more like superior vinyl playback with my Krell, Totem system. More natural and seductive than the Boston Symphony Hall!!!
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Subliminal type smoke and mirrors?
Perhaps ones "Id", formed under varying circumstances and an early childhood exposure to quality material on a wide variety of playback chains, also can dictate ones opinion?
It's very difficult for small high end companies to be able to put the kind of resources into a product like a company such as Sony can and keep the price low.