How does Shelter 90x compare to Accuphase AC-2?

Can anyone share how a Shelter 90x would compare to an Accuphase AC-2? I have the AC-2 on a Yamaha PF-1000 and enjoy it alot... fighting the upgrade bug.
Can only tell you my 90x sounds absolutely wonderful. Attached to Origin Live Illustrious arm, current SOTA Nova table with upgraded armboard, Art Audio Vinyl One phono preamp. I'd buy same cart again.
Dear Vernon: I can't say how both cartridges performs on your Yamaha tonearm.

Both cartridges are different designs and one of that diffrenecs on design is that the 90X is a low compliance cartridge against the AC-2 medium one along that the 90X is a medium output against a low output AC-2.
These two different characteristics makes not easy to " rank " on a tonearm and phono stage where I don't have any experience.

I like both cartridges where the AC-2 tonal balance is a little more natural than the one on the 90X where the low bass is somethng to " hear " and a little better than the one in the AC-2: more explosive/emotive.
For the AC-2 " shows " its real quality performance needs an active high gain phono stage ( no step-up transformer in the cartridge signal ), the 90X is more easy to handle due to its higher output level ( no step-up need it. )

I'm sorry I can't be more precise/clear on the subject. Btw, very good looking item your Yamaha.

Regards and enjoy the music.