How does Pass Aleph 1.2 compare to McIntosh?

I'm hoping to upgrade my system. Currently I have a Electrocompaniet 250R amp. I've had the pleasure of listening to McIntosh amps (the 200 and 400w stereo amps, and two 275' bi-amped) I am very much impressed. I've lately been reading up on Pass labs Aleph amps (1.2)and must say these seem very interesting. Unfortunately there aren't any amps that I can try in my area...

So, the big question! How does the Aleph 1.2 sound when compared with the McIntosh or similar amp?
Go with the Aleph. They are stunning. I've listened to all the Mac amps at the local Mac dealer, they absolutely pale in comparison to the Aleph series. IMHO the Pass Aleph amps are some of the very best SS amps ever made.
Then it is a done deal! I've never heard the Alephs but I have heard the McIntosh, and I'm very impressed.
A done deal!?! You trust Treed that much? ;) If you want to try an Aleph, do it. Simple as that - but be sure to post what you think of it. Arthur
Treed...can you recommend some other stuff?
It's been a long time since this thread was started. Now I have buildt my self a pair of 1.2s in good old DIY fashion. The sound is very very good. For any one interested -!

Wow, how impressive to build your own 1.2 amps. So, the big question is, how does "your" Aleph 1.2 amps sound compare to a Mac.