How does one get off the merry-go-round?

I'm interested in hearing from or about music lovers who have dropped out of the audio "hobby." I don't mean you were content with your system for 6 weeks. I mean, you stood pat for a long time, or--even better--you downsized...maybe got rid of your separates and got an integrated.

(I suppose if you did this, you probably aren't reading these forums any more.)

If this sounds like a cry for help, well, I dunno. Not really. I'm just curious. My thoughts have been running to things like integrated amps and small equipment racks and whatnot even as I continue to experiment and upgrade with vigor (I'm taking the room correction plunge, for example.) Just want to hear what people have to say on the subject.

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It would be a great service to me if I would have two systems. Onr for building stuff and experimentation, and the other a 'regular' but decent system not to mess with, but to enjoy music. 

 Most of my system I have built, and there are times that it sounds beyond what I thought it could. Then a demon enters, or I build yet another amp or speakers, etc. and the start of trouble begins. So, my merry go round is about me liking to build (most of the time) and ending up with anything fantastic to it's got a problem.

 The disease for me is relentlessly building what I may not even need. Perhaps the cure is to go back to building furniture. 


 Being dissatisfied is not a good place to end up more than once.