How Does My Rotel 955AX Stack Up?

Getting back into "better" hifi and thinking about my digital source. How does my ol' Rotel 955AX stack up against mid-priced CD/DVD players of today (say in the $500 to $750 range)? I need to get a new DVD player, so should I get a DVD-only player, or should I get one that plays both CDs and DVDs. The result of the system is Rotel 1066/1075 and Paradigm Studio Reference.

Thanks to all.
There has been a lot of advances in DACs over the past 10 years, and given that the 955 was a budget player at the time, it should be quite easy for you to find a universal player that outperforms your old rotel for less than $500. If you are really on the cheap, you can find Samsung HD 841 universal players on eBay for about $50, and in stock form this player will outperform your Rotel. Once modified, these players take the sound to a new level. Reference Audio Mods (RAM) is selling newer versions already modified in the price range you mentioned, they have adds here on Audiogon, and I think it would definitively be something worth checking out.