How does Meridian sound with Sonus Faber??

I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the combo of Sonus Faber and Meridian (not meridians theater gear but their new 2 channel side of it). I am interested in the Meridian G02 Balanced Dual Mono Control Unit with the G57 2 channel 200watt power amp and the G08.2 upsampling cd player. The speakers I have are the NEW Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's and a REL B3. Any feedback would be great!! Thanks for your time.
These type of questions are impossible to answer. Best you can d id to check with the two manufacturers to confirm compatibility, but "HOW" they sound depends on your room, electricity/power conditioning, flooring, window treatments, furnishings, and finally the power cords, interconnnects, source equipment, and to what extent you employ isolation/vibration control.
I've owned the SF Cremona Auditor M's for nearly 2 months and use them with a REL B2. I am using a Levinson 38S and 334 and 390S and the combination is stunningly detailed and musical. I did not hear the SF's with Meridian gear, but everything I heard them with (including Ayre, Nagra, Accuphase, Luxman, Shindo, and of course Levinson) sounded great. There were some differences, of course, but they were mostly subtle (to my ears, anyway). I suspect the SF's will sound good with most quality electronics, but "Tweak 1" 's comment about checking with the manufacturers and hearing the setups in your listening room et al really is the bottom line.

Good luck! And welcome to the Sonus Faber / REL fan club! (Don't know that there actually is one, but there should be!)
Um, as huge of an issue that acoustics plays, as well as voltage from your wall, noise filtration, tweaks, yada, yada, I would say say that - at least in this case - component compatability and sonic compliment is more of a deciding issue. That's my experience anyway from doing it professionally and as a hobby for decades now. Either the combo's you are considering work well, or they don't. They either sound good to your ears, or not. Not much else to consider really. (besides relative power requirements, adequate current deliver, impedance, etc). Bottom line is going to be preference, in the end.
While I can't speak so much for the newer Sonus products over the last 5 years, I can say that my past experience between the two brands is that the Sonus's sounded good with slightly more analytical electronics, while the Meridian gear had a more homogenized sound to my ears, that worked better with more analytical speakers, I thought. That's of course just an impression. That's not to say that many wouldn't find a good sound with Meridian pieces with Sonus Faber's. But I just never found the combo's to be an ideal mating, personally. Yes, I sold both lines in the same store at one point. That was my assessment. And I was always looking for good combo's amongst the choices we had available - for both clients and personal needs.
To sum it up, I had old sonus Electa Amators (also a very revealing speaker), and I went with other electronics to mate.
Still, everyone's experience may be different, and also pieces vary on a piece per piece basis, of course. Basically, you'll have to try to know. Actually, that's THE ONLY WAY, really! You'll otherwise always wonder, if you got the curiosity.
I say give a piece or two a try. Then, if you don't like, you can always easily move it these days.
But, no, I've not directly taken a pair of Cremona's and mated them with some Meridian, for the record. But it's more to think about.
Hope this helps
Thanks for all the comments. As far as my cables go I have the Audioquest WEL Signature 1 meter balanced interconnects. The WEL Signature Speaker cables and the WEL Signature Power Cables. I also have the Shunyata Hydra 6. Shunyata Dark Field elevators for the speaker cables and a Billy Bags rack along with Vibra Pods pucks and cones.