how does current work in an amplifier?

I am trying understand the importance of current in an amplifier.

Quite often, I see that a speaker is said to work best with a high current amplifier.

What does this mean?

How does one determine if an amplifier is or is not high current?
You bring up a good question and I'll be interested to read what others think.

I know that to go louder will start requiring wacky amounts of power. If you go for more power, don't even think of anything less than double+ what you now have.
Also, panels will only go so loud.
You MAY end up moving away from Mac. Sorry, but you are one of the few I've read who make that pairing.
If you can find a Bryston or Pass of similar power, you may find the 'missing slam'.
Atmasphere, all very interesting, and if you could kindly provide a link, I'd very much like to read it. With that said, I'm curious as to who determined, and what are the "perceptual rules", at what point(s) are variances to these "perceptual rules" deemed "violations" and does it really matter at what part of the brain we get our enjoyment? In the end I consistently seem prefer the sound that systems that have speakers that do better with ss amps provide over the alternatives. Obviously I'm not alone.
Hi Magfan,

I always wanted a Mac and figured it for good resale if it came to that.

I want the slam without the treble going over the top. Mac seems pretty mellow in that regard, especially if I decide to upgrade to MG 1.7's.

My 1.2's are less than one year old and I can get what I paid for them from my dealer if I trade up within the year.

Understand your comment about doubling power. My thought was the MA6900 or MA7000 at 200wpc or 250wpc.

The other side of this is maybe the panels have to go. I wonder about the new version of the Ohms?!
I hear about few people who have Mac/Maggie. Not to say it wouldn't work or isn't a great combo.....just not 'common'.
Expensive, too, if you go to the MA6900 / MA7000 level.

I had a Rotel RB1070 of 130x2 @8 with NO factory 4ohm rating. That should have been a 'clue'. The amp simply didn't have the guts at higher levels. The Rotel was also 360 'bridged' to which I took to imply 180@4.

When I pulled the trigger on an upgrade I went with nearly 3x the power in a 'd' amp. Even though 'd' amps are time limited at max power, the dynamics are there, which is all that really matters, as far as power goes. IMO.
My local Magnepan dealer demos his speakers with Mac amplifiers. I haven't really listened carefully there for many years, but I don't recall hearing any obvious issues with the pairing. Presumably, the dealer (Shelley's Stereo in Woodland Hills, Ca) doesn't either, since he's paired the brands for quite a while in his showrooms.