How does Berning ZH270 compare to Cary Cad211 AE ?

My system consists of Merlin VSM-MX, Cary cad 211 AE, Velodyne DD12, Aesthetix Calypso, Rega P9 with Konrapunkt C, ASR Riaa and all Valhalla cabling. I’m also experimenting with some DAC/PC stuff.

I wonder if the Berning is up to or par with Cad211AE. I’m very sensitive to hum and noise. Is the ZH270 noisier?

I have just ordered a ZH270 for test from Denmark, this because of no imports to Norway.
E-mail member 711Smilin. He has owned both.
I used to own a Berning 270 and briefly used them with 103 dB sensitive speakers. Very ,very quiet. You could hear background noise only with your ear several inches away from the horn. Highly recommended. It will sound alot different than your Cary tho. If you're lokking for classic tube sound(rich midrange,etc.) the Berning may not provide what you require. It's sound is more open,fast,less midrangy than you are used to. This might be an issue with your speakers and cabling which are known to straddle the line for etched upfront sound. Just my opinion.
Jayarr, I'm curious what speakers were you using? I use to have a ZH270 as well, I know the sound. What was your next upgrade - the speakers or the ZH270?
Thanks a lot for the nice information. Witch cabling do you recommend then?