How does Bel Canto compare to BAT?

I have BAT VK-3i / VK-200 which I enjoy a great deal, but pressing circumstances urge me to downgrade to smaller amplifier. The speakers are Dynaudio 1.3se. On paper Bel canto S300 integrated seems the ideal choice, but I can�t get to hear it.
How does Bel canto compare to BAT? Any help will be more than welcome. Thanks.
Like belgian chocolate vs tahitian vanilla

I had a BAT VK-200 (slightly underpowered for my Martin Logan SL3) but a wonderful amp, rich with a great tone, but still detailed and accurate. I replaced it with a pair of Bel Canto evo 200.2's in monoblock. The Bel Canto is smooth and liquid, but not lush like the BAT was. Additionally, that BAT ran hot --

I, and everyone who heard them, loved both. It came down to power for me, but I think if one appeals to you, then the other will as well, even though they are different.
i have your speaker and i love the krell 400xi int. but the bel canto is very similar in which i have heard, did look, both are great....
Darkj and Dwhitt, thank you for your input.