How does audio playback sound on Toshiba SD-9200

I am heavily considering a Toshiba SD-9200 but I need a one box solution. . .so I was wondering if anyone can rate cd audio playback on this machine? I am also thinking about the DV-09, DVD-5000?

The CD audio on this player is VERY good and I am very satidfied with mine as a CD player. It is built like a tank and I am very happy with mine. And, for 500$ or so used you have a very nice DVD player as well as a nice sounding CD.

Detailed, rich sounding unit with expansive sound stage, hefty and articulate bass response. Very well made. Excellant video as well. Too much of a bargain to pass up, in my opinion. Only drawback that I can see, is that it does NOT play SACDs, if that is important to you (it was not important to me).
I have this unit and the CD playback is excellent. The unit is very well made...copper sheilding everywhere on the inside and is built like a brick. I am extremely happy with mine.
The Sony DVP e9000es DVD/SACD/CD player has repeatedly received the highest review ratings from TAS and others and is built like a small tank at 30 +lbs.. Used they go for about $600 to $800.

I own the e9000es and it is an excellent bang for the buck system that does so much so well.

I also own Sony's SCD-1 player which at more than 3x's the price is of course sonically superior.

I have only had trouble with this unit. First unit was returned due to loud noise coming from disc tray on CD playback. Second unit arrived with same problem as well as inability to reverse tracts when using the remote control with CD's. Toshiba service department says this remote control flaw exists on their sample units as well and apparently is unfixable.
For more one the noise problem see posts on In summary I would not purchase this unit again.