How does ATI AT2007 amps sound?

Looking for a quality amp to power my Martin Logan's. Based on reviews, an amp that is slightly bright seems to be a good match for my martin logan's. I am looking for 7 channels for upgradeability. Want a product with a proven reliability and good service. Since from Canada, shipping to get a product serviced would cost alot.
I have ordered one for my Martin Logan Ascents, Theater, Scenario. I will get it this week so I am looking forward to hearing it myself. I heard that they are very good amplifiers for the Martin Logan. A guy who works at Martin Logan told me this so I am jumping the gun and witness it first hand. I have ordered the ATI 2007.

I'll tell you more in the future!
Point of order: the best amp is not 'bright', 'warm', or any other characterization of distortion. It will be relatively distortion free, or silent.

For instance, if you look for a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) rating of <.05% (or at most <0.1%) over a frequency range of say 10hz to 50khz, you will have found one.

Prices can vary from a couple hundred (Hafler DH-200, 220); to thousands aproaching six digits (Jeff Rolands multi channel); with Rotel, ATI, Muse, and Bryson, filling the gap between.

So, you want no sound from the amp, and perferrably only what made it onto the source material coming from your speakers. That is, 'true to the original' as a philosophy. Then you can select sonically superior CDs (or whatever) and be shocking close to real, live, sound. Tweaking speaker setup becomes productive at this level.

Of course the many, many, poorly produced albums will then sound just terrible. But at least you will not be mistaking the offence as a quality of some component of your system. Nor will you be indulging in the cable, room treatment (and other tweaks) very costly and frustrating madness.

And if you are wise, you will not attempt to compensate that terrible sound with some opposite distortion in some other component. Madness. The magazine reviewer 'Connoisseurs of Coloration' notwithstanding :-)

Try it, it is worth it.

Check out where you will find a wealth of info on various aspects of audio truth, and a list of proven sonically superior recordings that can be used as a reference in discerning components.
Privateparty thanks for the info..your comments make perfect sense to me.
I have ATI 2007. I bought it in June 2003; one of the very first ones made. However I'm still gathering the components of my system and therefore mine is still in the box. I researched a great deal before making my decision. HT magazine (march 2003) rated it the best amplifier under $3000.00. If you visit, you will find a review on ATI 2007, however for some reason it was submitted under ATI 2505. The writer was clearly writing about ATI 2007 - (it is the last review in that category up to now). The review is excellent. He loves his ATI 2007, and he is using it to drive Martin Logans.
As for customer service my bet is that it is very good. You could call anytime and talk to Mike Pontelle the co-owner of the company. Mike is a very nice guy and will gladly talk to you about any subject. They also offer 7 year parts and labor warranty. I can't wait to start listening to mine. Every review so far states that it is a very powerful amp with good base control and very accurate.
Good luck