How does Aragon 24k/2004 stack up to modern equip?

I just picked up an Aragon 24k preamp/Aragon 2004 amp for a good price. I put them in my system where my Cambridge Audio Azur 840a resided and I must say I am VERY impressed. These are my first separates that I've owned, the speakers are JM Lab Cobalt 807's, speaker cables are Monster M1 mkII, and mains power cable is Straightwire Blue Thunder. Interconnects are MIT MI-330 series II. Like I said I love the sound, just wondering how these components stack up, and if anyone has cabling suggestions?
I first purchased a Aragon 8008 bb Then upgraded to a Livingson 332. Some times I think that was NOT money well spent! But I was less impressed with the matching 24K pre and DID upgrade to a VTL pre. Man was I happy for about nine months..... then that bug bit.... you know that bug.....yea that one right there..... its on your shoulder....
"How does Aragon 24k/2004 stack up to modern equip?"
"and I must say I am VERY impressed"

I think you answered your own question. As long as you are happy, that is what counts.


I feel the need to clarify something here. It is true Dan D'Agostino was involved in designing Aragon, but Aragon should not be confused with high end products such as Krell and Levinson from the same time period. Aragon is an inferior product and has more in common with NAD than Krell.
07-28-10: Corazon
"How does Aragon 24k/2004 stack up to modern equip?"
"and I must say I am VERY impressed"

I think you answered your own question. As long as you are happy, that is what counts.



aragon holds its own with many more expensive products.
I have heard Aragon sound better than Krell and I have heard Krell sound better than Aragon in many systems. It is model dependant and synergy between the speakers and the amps. I like the older Krell amps better than the newer ones. Simple sounds better. The newer krell is to complicated and it does not have lower noise floors you would expect from a modern amplifiers.
There is nothing wrong with Aragon, very good products that have stood the test of time for reliability and performance that exceeds their going prices. Recommending interconnects is hit and miss, trying different ones is the only way to get the desired sound you are seeking with your associated components, speakers, and your unique room acoustics.
Long ago I had an Aragon 8008ST and switched to a Pass X350, and immediately after hearing the sweet, silky, lifelike, rounded vocals (especially female ones) out of the Pass, I thought the Aragon sounded like a toy (not abrasive, but just kind of flat). But there was very decent bass from the Aragon. It would be great for a party or home theater. I would say it was worth the $2500 retail it sold for back then.
Rgs92, your point is well taken. But to be fair you are comparing good midfi to the very best in solid state, Nelson Pass is legendary.
Now I just need a decent DAC to see what this thing really can do as I know my Squeezebox needs a little help
Yep, Phd, point taken. Thanks.
Out of all the Aragon amps I like the 2004 the best for sound quality. You don't see them for sale too often.
Rgs92, I will have to come clean and agree with your conclusion on the Aragon 8000 series. Since most of the music and vocals hang out in the midrange, the 8000 series does sound flat here. But the earlier models, the Aragon 2004 and 4004 are not plagued by this problem, they sound totally different. If I didn't have a great deal of money to spend I could easily live with the Aragon 2004 or if I needed more power the 4004 would fit the bill nicely.
I'm happy with my (2) 2004 MK2's Biamping my Infinity RS-1b's.
But I also use (2) Hafler 9303's bridged for the high end and a Adcom 5800 for the base colume's which have cleaner, clearer, much more headroom and lower noise floor sound.
The 2004 do make the speaker's sing quite well though.
Hi all ! Hate to say this..but the Aragon 4004 mk2 was the worst sounding amp I have ever owned . As far as sound quality goes my little 40 wpc Rotel sounded much smoother .

What equipment was that paired with? I am loving the Aragon 4004 that I recently put in my system. A true step up with my SP Technology Minis. Though I could see how its lowish input impedance may not play well with some preamps. Eh, whatever it was, just thought I'd throw in my impressions.

As always, finding system synergy and finding something meeting your own particular musical priorities is the key to success in this hobby.
I recently picked up an Aragon 2004. It replaced a Harman Kardon PA5800 that I was using. It was kind of funny because one of the tracks on a Sade CD that I like turned out to have falling rain in the background. I had never heard it before. I'd have to say that the amp made a difference in my system.

I got the amp off of ebay and it turned out that it has some problems. Rather than sending it back, I've chosen to take it to a shop to be repaired. I think I'm going to hang on to this amp for a while.

I know that there is better out there, but my ears haven't heard it yet and ignorance, as they say, is bliss.
Hi all ! Roscoeiii...... it was paired with a melos sha-1 pre , carver 390t tube cd player and KEF speakers , I think they were the 102.4's or 103.2's ....just dont remember , they were about $2200 retail in the '90 s . Thought the melos would help tame down the grainy mids but all it did was make the sound darker overall . Putting a smaller rotel amp in the system was much better .I could never make that amp sound like i wanted it too . Some guys have great luck with this amp tho .
I owned an Aragon amp (2004 i think) and pre amp (18k i think) with out board power supply. It was a good combo with my Apogee speakers.
Man I wish I had a pair of Palladiums right about now. But I can see a Pass 300 sounding better for a price. The 24k meh, pretty easy to better.
Well, one could spend alot of money on audio gear. This gear can possibly float the airest highs, have a full midrange to die for and deliver tight and tuneful bass, in alot of cases it will, the law of diminishing returns do apply. There are instances a system of this magnitude has had the musicality engineered right out of it, presenting a sterile sound. I have been on both sides of the fence. The Aragon 2004 & 4004 properly set up & matched with other components can deliver a satisfying presentation capturing most of the elements that audiophiles seek. I think if we could set aside the adjectives that describe a superior system for a moment and ask yourself this question, was the presentation enjoyable and satisifying? I rest my case.
Thank you Phd; I agree! System syngery is as important as the price of the parts.
I have exact 24k/2004mkII matched years with other gear.Speakers are Yamaha NS690II.Main conclusion is that i am satisfied. Maybe sound is not by today standards where all in general in search for max resolution and openes where Aragons deliver a big ,fat ,voluminous bass but end result will be as said depending of other equipment in chain.
The 2004 and 4004 were superior to the 8008 series in my opinion. And the mk2 versions of these amps do compete with the best solid state designs from this time period IMO.
I had the Aragon 24k/ 2004mkii years ago,it was a very good sound.
Fast forward to 2017. I just acquired a 24k sp that replaced a Marsh p2000. The Aragon is giving me the soundstaging I missed with the Marsh. Amp is a ATI 1502. Speakers are Kef iq10's. Really nice!


   I have a Aragon 4004. My first 2 units blew up on me. The 3rd I have had for 30 years.

I have a PS - Audio 5.5 Preamp and B&W speakers, and a Oppo CD player. The Sound is awesome!

I have owned Nad power amps and Rotel power amps, and they are not in the same league as my Aragon. Not even close!

Someone said they sound horrible. I have never heard that in my life!!!

The Aragon 4004 is built like a tank. Super low ends.

There is nothing in its price range that can compete with it.

You can get a Aragon 4004 on e-bay for $500. Super deal!

I will get another one if mine ever dies.

I too had an Aragon 2004. The sound was really good, clean, with power beyond its competition! The design was also unique. So, I was a happy camper for 5 years. Eventually, however, I went for my next upgrade.

Prior amps after having had receivers by Pioneer, Sansui, Kenwood, and Denon were:
Sony ES, Denon POA 2000, NAD, Adcom 555, Luxman M-02.

I had enjoyable listening experiences with the 2004 which I paired with the following:
B & W Matrix 805 (120w)
B & W Nautilus 805 (120w)
B & W Nautilus 804 (200w), it is at this juncture and out of curiosity that I considered upgrading once more.

With the higher power capacity of the Nautilus 804, I got curious if I still can get more out of the pair by feeding it with a better matched amp. While the Aragon was somewhat comparable sounding to the Luxman I used to have, the Parasound Halo A51 paired with the Parasound C1 Processor and connected via XLRs, just pleasantly surprised me! This I have to share with utmost honesty and sincerity--they simply blew my expectations! When the store I bought them from allowed me to have a 1 week test, I knew it should sound better. But how much better completely floored me!!! It was just another level of listening experience wherein so much more details were heard everywhere!
On familiar recordings, I heard instruments on the highs that I never knew existed and they were really crystal clear, yet sweet!!! Midrange vocals as well as instruments just came much more detailed and alive!!! And the bass was very quick and punchy, deep and well defined, tight and strong!!! All sonic spectrums were simply improved upon! It was a great match for the B & W 804s. 

I do not know how this Parasound Halo set would compare to the current Aragon 8008 or against other excellent makes or models? For sure there are a lot of better set ups with the current plethora of improved high-end stuff. But for now, and with special consideration to my present price point, I am really contented. The law of diminishing returns steps in greatly from hereon.

BTW, other brands I have had the chance to audition were: McIntosh, Conrad-Johnson, Anthem, Rotel, Classe, Audio Research, Proceed, etc.
Other speakers I've owned were: Kef 104.2, B & W 602, JBL 100 monitors, Bose 501 & 601, Pioneer, etc. 
I have the Aragon 24K/2004 combo and have used it exclusively since I purchased them new in 88 or 89. I believe I got this gear during a great period for Aragon - as I know they have had many ups and downs over the years. An audiophile I am not. More on the musicphile end of the spectrum. I have switched out other components over the years. After having my system in storage for the last 3 years and no proper listening space for 10 - I finally have it in a decent set up in my small home. I am now on my third pair of speakers since 89/89. First were the B&W matrix 805, then a pair of Wharfdales. Now some on-wall DLS XL's. My speaker quality has been going down and I keep trying to do the best I can - all things considered. 
I have always been happy with the Aragon core of my system in various configuration. I just started streaming with a Sonos and Tidal and am getting a very good soundstage. Soon I'll do the Wyred for Sound upgrade and get an outboard DAC and that will help I am sure. 

I completely agree - it is all so subjective to judge overall. So many variables. I would say my system after all these years still sounds better than what 90% of  people listen to music through. At some point - I will upgrade my speakers to either the ELAC WS 1665 or Vienna Acoustic Waltz (both on wall). But for now and has been my philosophy since I bought this rig - will $5000 of gear deliver $5000 of audio improvement? And if I can get half that level of improvement for $1000 I will do that every time.

And now for my question: 
I am getting a low hum in my speakers from the power amp. I had a dedicated 30 amp circuit installed to no avail. Does anyone know what I should try to fix this? I am thinking a new fuse or a new power cord.

Any advice appreciated.