How does Aesthetix Atlas compare to ARC HD220

....and other similarly priced amps?
Anyone heard them on Magnepans (3.6/R)?
Heard the HD220 with the new 3.7 yesterday, also the ARC CD8 and ARC Ref 5 pre and it sounded incredible.
Well I have had Atlas amps and they have been nothing but trouble they just shut down for no reason I have monoblocks they both do the same thing so it is something to the programming of them. It is the only piece of equipment I have had this type of trouble with. I have had 3 electricians over to look at the issues specific to the amps. Aesthetix thinks it's a power issue so I ran dedicated circuits. The real good electrician is telling me something is to sensitive in them. He actually came over with an oscilloscope and monitored the power and could not find anything wrong. I would avoid them they are just a headake.