How does a step up transormer affect sound-

Guys I just got set of amps that run on 230 volt- I got a pair of step up transformers to convert to 110- does this affect the sound - I can either use the step up transformers or - run a pair of 230 volt lines or send them back and have them set up for 110 volt- They sound good to me using the step up transformers BUT I want the best sound possible so which is the best route to take- thanks so much-

It may actually improve the sound. I used a step-down for a long time and the SQ was excellent for the kind of system I had at that time.

I always say if the step-up transformers are double the specs of the amps, it will be fine, maybe even a touch better as they serve as isolation transformers as well.

Just make sure they are big enough e.g.: if your amp maximum consumption is 3amps you need 6amp transformers, this guards against them physically humming.

Cheers George
Get the Audio Note its the best.
George's advice is really sound- if you exceed 50% of the rating of the stepup/isolation transformer, it will degrade the AC power by adding distortion to the AC line.
even best ones add distortions, but match the unmatched impedance.
Transformers affect sound quality, even the very expensive ones, best to avoid them if you can!