How do Zu Libtech & Kimber 12TC compare?

I'm contemplating a speaker cable upgrade - was leaning towards the Kimber 12TC but have also been interested in the Zu Libtech cables. Interested in opinions from folks who've tried either in their systems.
Libtecs are fantastic. I've kept them the longest so far. Great soundstage, very quiet and very even sounding from top to bottom.

I had Kimber 4 TC which were too bright for me. I also tried Goertz MI2 which were nice but thin sounding compared to Libtecs which have more bass.

Not tried 12TC.
Have the Zu Ibis, not Libtec, but they are so good I don't even think about changing cables any more. Great bass, mids, treble - everything. Get them used if you can and save a bundle over new.
Just wanted to mention to all the Audiogoners out there that there is fake kimber kables being sold on this site. I recently purchased some Kimber 4TC from a member here who has an unusual amount of kimber on sale here. I sent my speaker cables to Kimber for verification, and they said it was counterfeit. In fact, Kimber said this member is an unreputable seller. The member I got it from goes by two different names on Audiogon. Feel free to email me for more details.