how do YOU stream?

Since there are so many options out there I thought it might enlighten others as to the options available.

For example - my configuration

I stream my digital music (downloads and cd's) via my iMac (intel dual core processor) computer.

I use Front Row to control playback with theapple remote and iTunes to rip cd's into music library. For damaged CD's I rip using MAX.

The music is stored on a dual raid drive NAS drive to mitigate lost music if one hard drive fails

Network link is via network cable (faster transmission speed)

I connect the computer to the DACmagic via toslink (optical) cable

The DACmagic is connected to the amp via stagger Silver Solid interconnects.

Initial Problems encountered:

Not knowing the Mac too well, finding out that the toslink required a mini adapter that plugged into the speaker output jack required some Investigation.

The iMac is capable of outputting 24/96 kHz digital output by using the optical outptut and setting the 24/96 kHz output using the midi program that can be found in the utilities folder.

Please include helpful hints

Apologies - that should have read "Stager Silver Solid Interconnects"
Macbook Pro/Fidelia > USB/Cambridge Audio DAC Magig Plus > RCA/Preamp > Amp > Speakers
iMac>wireless router>iPod Touch>Dock>DAC>FM Transmitter>one of my vintage tuners.


Router to Sonos Bridge via ethernet cable>Bridge wireless to Sonos Connect>....from there I have used the Connects built in DAC into my pre or the Connects digital out to my own DAC then to the pre or another FM Transmitter.

About a month into the Sonos and still playing with the hookup I like best. I do love the free remote app I downloaded to my iPhone and iPad so I can control the music from wherever I am in the house.

Mostly been enjoying MOG at its 320 kbps. Surprisingly good. Also listen to Pandora One occasionally.
Macbook Pro > Audiophhilleo2 > NAD M2
iMac > wireless to Apple TV > glass optical to Simaudio 300D DAC - DH Labs Air Matrix to Cary Sli-80. Use an iPad or iTouch with the Remote app for control when in front of the system.
Apple Time Capsule (HD/router) > Zardoz (hot-rodded Airport Express) > Pre. Use an iPod Touch for remote. Fantastic sound!
Oppo player streams all needed formats from my hard drives in another room via SMB/ethernet. No additional components in the main room.
Mac Mini (iTunes + Audirvana Integer mode) -> Musical Fidelity V-Link mk I -> Cary 206/200 DAC -> amp
1TB RAID -> Mac Mini -> ITunes (archiving) -> BitPerfect (playback) -> Kimber USB over USB 2.0 -> Ayre QB-9 -> balanced to the rest. Runs up to 24/192, with BitPerfect automatically adjusting to native sample rate.
Server > (ethernet) Slim/Logitech Transporter > main stereo rig in listening room
Server/Windows Media Center > (coax) surround rig in great room / stereo speakers in living room
Server/WMC > (wireless) WMC extender > soundbar rig in mbr
Server > (wireless) Roku Soundbridge in play room

Files are either WMAL or FLAC.
Meridian Digital Media Systems MD600 media storage to Linsys router via shielded Cat6 cable, router to office Netgear AV500+ Ethernet over powerline adaptor via shielded Cat6 cable, living room Netgear v500+ Ethernet over powerline adaptor to Meridian Digital Media Systems MS600 endpoint/dac to preamp. Meridian app on iPad controls streaming over wireless home network.
Mac Mini > jRiver Media Center (new Mac Alpha build) > USB 2.0 > Meitner MA-1 DAC > preamp


Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 (for radio and streaming services) > Coax connection > Meitner MA-1 DAC > preamp
Gateway PC w/Windows 7; JRiver + JPlay; ESI Juli@ Soundcard via 10 meter spdif into next room - into Esoteric G25U Clock/upsampler into Berkeley Dac direct to amps.