How do you store and catalog your vinyl?

Just curious how members store, sort and catalog their vinyl collection.
With less than a 1000 I have a hard time remembering just what I already own and have purchased duplicates by mistake whilst at the LRS.

How do you store them?
How do you sort them? Alphabetical or genre or year?
Catalog? In the good old days probably in a note book modern equivalent would be a word document or excel spreadsheet.

Very interested to hear what you do and how you manage that massive collection.
I have two five tier glass front cabinets...
my collection of lp's is around 500 after years of "thinning the herd"!...:-)
I sort alphabetically but also have them broken down by types of music ( rock, jazz, blues etc...)
I use Discogs. I sort my physical collection as per how Discogs would sort by artist. Then I just use Discogs to find the album I want and go retrieve it. I can’t understand collections sorted by genre, decade, etc. The goal for me is to find the album quickly so I can listen to it!
Discogs does seem to have a lot of supporters.
Going to investigate while my collection is manageable!
My small collection of about 400 LPs is broken down to 4 levels: Audiophile; about 42 that are in some way specially manufactured or pressed
Special: Real favorites that are of normal manufacture.
The bulk or main collection
The upstairs collection (tings my wife likes; but I'll never play)
I sort alphabetically within those levels and physical shelves.

I started entering my collection into Discogs a few months ago. It's cool. I've learned a lot about my collection. I was doing pretty well until I got a damn job. That screwed everything up. 

I also have a spreadsheet of 'all' the different covers I have of my favorite songs. Collecting covers has been my little sub-hobby for decades. It sure got a lot easier with digital music downloads, but the vinyls are the gems.

I've also been trying to vac/wash all my LP's and I'm closer to being caught up with that than the cataloging; because it's more important and I'm not totally senile yet. I have a cheap DIY vac setup that is quite effective. I make my own solutions from a great recipe I found on Audiokarma.
2 channel.

Yep that darn job and work lark is well over
Gets in the way of serious music time!