How Do You Stack Your Equipment?

In the next month I'll finally have all my equipment, and will be ready to put the components on a Sistrum 6 shelf rack. The equipment which will be on the rack includes a tube amp, tube pre-amp, SACD player, DAC tube unit, tuner, Linn turntable, and a Monster Power Center. Obviously that's 7 items for 6 shelves. I intend to put the tt on the top shelf, but how would you setup the individual pieces on this rack from the floor up or does it even matter in what order they are stacked? What might you leave off to the side as I can't fit everything on one rack?
It is a hassle to place everything in one rack. Ideally a person should keep the pre-amp away from the amp to avoid interference. The pre-amp should also be kept away from the CDP for the same reason. Most racks don't offer enough space to accomodate all of these requirements which is another reason people tend to remove the amp from the rack. I have gone to placing the amp between the speakers and moving the rack to a spot to the side of the listening chair. For me this has been an ideal situation inspite of the additional cost (it requires a long pair of ICs and an amp stand.)
Having a front opening CDP makes this easier, many of the new CDPs are top-loading which causes a conflict with the TT.
I hope this offers a little help.

I will be doing pretty much the same thing. It cannot be good to have hot tube or other amps located below CD players, DAC's and TT's (heat rises).

I decided to place my tube amps/preamp above the rack on separate wall shelves. I'll use the rack for the TT, CD player, phono preamps and power conditioners (conditioners on the bottom shelf).
The above mentioned reasons are why i ended up building the racks that i did i.e. i couldn't find a product that was commercially available that had enough shelving, the spacing that i was looking for or the type of suspension that i was looking for in one product. As such, i found some commercial products that i could work with, gutted them and then adapted them to work with what i was looking for. I've been happy ever since.

As far as your specific situation goes, you might want to think about setting the tube amp off to the side on an amp stand. This would allow plenty of air-flow all the way around it for improved tube life, ease of access to the binding posts and allow you to give each of the components the dedicated shelf that they deserve. Sean
Jcbach, I have a Sistrum Sp6 rack and a Linn. Order 1 extra shelf. You will have plenty of air flow. Sistrum allows you to access your equipment from all sides, so no problem. I have Harmonic Precision Monos on Sistrum Sp101 stands. This setup allows the monos to be totally independent so they can react in true singular fashion. They share only the ground and the air. E-mail me if you like I may have some tips on how to place a vintage Linn on the top shelf for better performance. Tom