How do you spend your time?

I looked at on average how I spend my audio time and came up with the following per week: About 4 hours on sites such as A'gon, an hour talking on the phone to audio friends, an hour reading mags such as TAS, about 4 hours listening in music at home with full attention, and about two hours a month listening to live music. So, roughly 40/60 between listening and keeping abreast of the field. I realized I enjoy all of the time spent, but the listening part is the best.
Curious about others' experience.

Somewhere around here !
No enought to even read what i have to read for my finals, so not even aware of the rest....
Heptic for next couple of years
I spend probably 3 hours a day listening to music. About half that time is multi-tasked with web surfing (audio of course)and rest is "serious" listening. Weekends can double this time. GOD I need a life....
I have my headphone setup next to the computer so I can listen as I look through the pages of Audiogon. I also keep a copy of the Orion Blue Book to check/confirm prices and dates on vintage equipment. Multi-tasking gives me more time to listen to music.
Records 3/4,1/4 CD.Ten min Audiogon.