How do you ship large items? Help

Yeah, I want to buy these very large speakers from someone in Audiogon, but he does not have the boxes or crate that they were shipped in. I talked to UPS frieght and they told me that large, heavy items must be on a pallet, secured and wrapped before they would accept it. How would i go about finding a pallet and then securing it to the pallet and wrapping? Is there such a service that will professionaly pack items like this? Ive never had to deal with something like this so im totally lost here. The speakers weigh 250lbs each and are over 60 inches high. I quess i could drive there myself, but its 1100 miles away!!
Not your average day trip ya know? Any help would be appreciated here. If i can't find a solution i just won't be able to buy them, but it is a good deal! Thanks all!
Ask the seller to locate a "crate building" co. that can build to suit crates for the speakers and a pallet as well for about $250.00 imo
OR you can buy a pallet from his local grocery store and then have the crate company build it and strap it for you to the pallet.

Make sure you realize these prices before you negotiate on the final price :)
Good luck!
Be very, very careful about doing this. Make sure that you get insurance for the speakers. A lot of freight companies, BAX Global for one, had a policy in place that limited the insurance to $500 per pair (for individuals). Make sure that the insurance will cover the cost to replace both of the speakers, including shipping, handling and tax. You should also have the seller put the insurance in your name, or else you'll end up having to use the seller as a middle man.

Another point is what happens if only one speaker is damaged? Some carriers will pay half of the insurance, and wash their hands of it. Leaving you with one speaker. (Try buying one speaker at a discount! Or worse yet, if that particular speaker is no longer in production, what then? Or, if that particular speaker model has been updated, so it does not sound the same as the remaining speaker.)

Driving there doesn't sound so bad now, does it?!

I am not trying to scare you out of buying them, (I did this same thing a few years ago with my Revel Studios). But, you need to go into this with both eyes wide open!

Good Luck!

PS My Studios did indeed come to me on a pallet, so using a pallet is a good idea.
All good advice.Especially about the don't do it part.Best of luck if you do.I would rent a van and know its a sure thing,1100 one way is doable,2100 isn't.Thats just me,Bob
It is a day trip - a day driving there, a day driving back. Make a weekend out of it. Drive out on a Friday, relax Saturday, pick the speakers up on Sunday morning and drive back.
I bought some decent sized speakers a couple of years ago. The seller built crates to ship them, and we used Greyhound to transport. Worked like a dream, and very reasonable price. You might look into Greyhound Bus Line.
Bathory127, I shipped a pair of Dynaudio C4's uncrated across the country last year fully insured without incident. I used a company called Mini Moves. Another company is Micro Movers. If interested I can dig up the paperwork and contact numbers.
Most pallets aren't sixty inches. They will have to be custom built. Don't let them stand the speakers upright on standard pallets--that means a strap over the top. This endeavor will be expensive like you cannot believe. I bought a pair of Altecs that weighed in at 90 lbs a piece. Craters and Freighters fit both nicely on a standard pallet, sheilded them with poly styrene wrap and thick styrofoam inside a heavy cardboard box. They shipped Yellow freight to my house in Wisconsin from Connecticut with no damage for $515. I won't do it again.

I'd imagine they'd want at least twice what I paid to ship yours. Find a truck, a friend and take a weekend drive to get these speakers.
There is a site where you can have various truckers bid for your services- something like ""? Search for it.
I sold 2 pairs of Avalons using this service and both worked like a dream.
The seller ought to find someone (phone book) to build crates. If the speakers are big, have one crate for each speaker.
This is my best recommendation, other than making the drive yourself.
Good luck. Let us know what happens.
Fly there, rent one way Penske truck and drive back. You also get to meet the seller and view (and listen to?) the speakers before you hit the road.

It's a hassle, but guarantees perfect shipping and even with gas prices as they are, the cost could be about what paying for custom pallet and shipping is.

A few months ago a guy in my audio group wanted VTL 750's and Maggies. We found a seller with both and did exactly as I am advising you to do.

The seller at the other end was so excited that we were bringing cash, he picked us up at the airport, bought us lunch and even took us to the truck rental place.

Everyone is happy, it all went perfectly.
Four years ago I sold some 200 pound (each) speakers from NC to PA using Craters and Freighters. They came and picked them up, wrapped them in 3-4 inches of bubble wrap (or something like it) and delivered for around $300. I'm sure they've gone up in price since then, but I had a good experience.
I like Albert's idea, and it's a great story too! I personally wouldn't drive 1100 miles in one day, but I hate long car trips!


When shipping by pallet, most freight companies charge on weight/size and have a minimum, so when I sold my fully active Linn AV system to a guy in CA (I live in Florida) the pallet weighed ~450 pounds, but due to the size, and the minimum weight/size, I paidfor 500 pounds which came to something like ~$500 to ship it.

My point is shipping on a pallet is different than your standard UPS package. FWIW I did insure the shipment, but as it was used audio gear, most insurances will not cover damage unless it is obviously caused by the shipper in say torn boxes or worse.....
1) The SELLER should have them professionally crated, whether that means by an outside company or by actually purchasing a pair of new crates from the speaker manufacturer.

2) Given #1, then you can use a company like Yellow Freight to pick them up at the seller's residence, BUT you must insure that at pick up and delivery, they use a lift gate truck to allow loading/unloading.

3) Generally, there is only a driver unless you request and pay for additional help at either end, meaning the seller at his end and you at your end must provide the other half of the m9oving team. Can you handle what might be a 400lb crate?

3) Even if you drive to get them, remember that you aren't gonna' be able to handle these beasts without significant help on both ends of the journey. W/o a liftgate, it ia a bear.

4) In any case, I would never ship big, heavy speakers w/o the OEM crates, regardless of how good someone else might be able to 'crate' them. But that's just me.
Hey,everybody wants to live,nobody wants to die.Nobody wants to drive 1100 unless ....Some good stories about shippers.This has been enlightening.I like Alberts story,pays to be creative.I wonder what you'll you can see,we are hoping it all works out.Good luck,Bob
Kennyt: Point taken. Tiered shipping rates either works for or against the buyer, depending.

I just think Bathory127 should find out on which tier he lands before commiting, which I'm sure he'll do. With diesel above $4.00 a gallon, it isn't going to be cheap in either case. I, too, think Albertporter has the right idea. If you're going to spend the money on shipping, you might as well have some fun doing it.
Look into some of the 'white glove' carriers. Most can be located via google.
Long ago I twice shipped 350 lbs./side Duntech Sovereigns by Mayflower technical division. At the time they focused on shipping computer equipment. They arrived, wrapped the speakers in furniture blankets, loaded them, and secured them to the walls of the van. Both pairs arrived with absolutely no problems. I learned of this company from Burt White, so you know how long ago this was. I have no idea whether the company still exists.
Thank you all for your help, The seller found a company, Bekins I believe and they crate and pack everything so I will just have to wait and see how this will all turn out. I hope they are not damaged when I receive them for I really want these speakers and I would never be able to buy them new. I did contact PBN about getting original crates but the seller said it was taken care of. I hope sooo!!!
The price for the shipping is $800.00, ouch!!! But the option to get them on my own isn't possible at this time so I will have to take my chances and lose my wallet. They also use padding blankets and pallets and secure them in the truck so its a 50-50 gamble on how this will turn out.
Well,thats as good as it gets now.It would of cost 800 to drive so thats a wash.The good news will be in the end game of course,but it sounds like you have done all you can do.No doubt you have insurance,so as they say in India"Inshalla",......which means God Willing.....cheers,Bob
The seller is paying for the insurance for it really protects him more than me for we are going through an escrow service to protect both of us from the dirty word known as (fraud)!Anyone doing a large sum of money purchase should use an escrow service for it protects both buyer and seller from unfair play. We are using a very good escrow company, i would give the name but im not sure i can in this forum, but you have to be carefull with the escrow service you use as well because there are some who can also be frauds!
Another good reason to drive and deal in person as you just added another unknown to the equation.I do understand you can't drive and yet are compelled to complete the deal.Is this your first time using escrow?How did you qualify them?BBB?Recommendations?Tarot cards?I am asking as I may need one someday,thanks,Bob
Yes I have used an escrow service before and it worked out well. I was the seller and was selling a very large Meade telescope lx-200 10 inch. I had it in an auction and I sold it for $3800.00. Again, it was a very large item and I had to ship it to South Carolina and I used UPS back then and the person who won the auction had 7 days to inspect and test the scope before releasing the money to me. He did just that and notified the escrow service and the money was wired to my account. I would never do a large transaction without an escrow service. It protects you and the other party completely. You just have to be sure the escrow service you are using is legit and not some fly-by-night type of deal. You have to research the company you are dealing with to keep yourself safe. Contact the BBB to find out if they are indeed legit and then continue.
Thanks for the tip and best of luck,Bob
Well, I figured Id update this as to the outcome. It took about a month to finally get the speakers delivered. They were packed very well and there was no damage what so ever. I think I am one of the lucky ones from some of the horror stories Ive read on the internet about movers destroying expensive items. But it all worked out in the end. I would recommend using an escrow service for it worked out perfectly for the seller and I. It really is the way to go to protect both buyer and seller from fraud! I never would have been able to buy the PBN Montana XP speakers new at $15,000.00 and I was lucky enough to find them here for $6,000.00. They are in perfect condition and they sound increadible! I really have to thank Audiogon for this! The best place to find high end equipment!
That's good news.

How did you decide on those speakers and what is the associated equipment you're using?