How do you shield a Center speaker?

I have a center speaker that has no shielding. Any time I get too close to my 36" Analog TV it affects the color. I have to keep it at a distance. Can anyone recommend a way to shield it so that I can move it closer?
OK... Im real curious... what kind of jankey-assed center channel isnt shielded?

Man that sucks!

I have a thread out recently about shielding, you might want to check it out, somone gave me a trail on a company that sells stuff to shield the speaker.
do a google search for mumetal. lotta tech talk and where to purchase sites. easy to fabricate to solve your problem.
You shield it by not letting it read trashy novels, by being careful about the music you play on it and by really limiting what it sees on TV.
Bucking magnets......Parts Express carries them.
I have seen those "bucking magnets" and I wonder how they affect the performance of the driver you put them on. I would prefer the shielding approach.
Most manufacturers that shield their speakers use the bucking magnet approach, it's simple and effective. Any change in the Q of a driver is too small to make any difference and will not be noticed by your ears. IMO, lining the inside of a speaker cabinet with metal is bound to change the tonal characteristic of said speaker for the worse. Manufacturers strive to have inert cabinet interiors, not highly reflective surfaces.
Will sheilding taped to the outside have any effect? It seems the simplest (maybe not the prettiest) solution.
I have to agree with Merganser.

It's difficult to "shield" magnetic fields.

The bucking magnet solution is probably best. From outside
the speaker, the magnetic fields of the two magnets - the
bucking magnet and the one in the speaker driver - will
essentially cancel.

Inside, the voice coil is much closer to the driver magnet -
so it doesn't affect the driver much.

Putting a shield material around the speaker would be more
of a sonic degradation than any effect from the bucking
magnet. Additionally, one can't put shielding material
in front of the driver - so the speaker will leak magnetic
flux through the front.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
I had this same problem once, brought the speaker in to a factory authorized repair shop. They said it was shielded and demonstrated to me on some computer monitors and tvs that the speaker wasn't the problem. They said it was most likely the amp in the receiver. I wish I had made notes, I can't remember what it was. I gave the reciever away.