How do you share the sweet spot?

 My 2.1 set up  only pleasures me when i sit or walk in the sweet zone. If I have guests over, I dislike sharing my position so they can experience the sound stage.  Is there anything one can do to share the sweet spot? Is a 4.1 or 4.2 set up the solution? Does the speaker, gear, position and set up dictate overall experience?(I'm sure it does)
How do you guys share the sweet spot? 
Is it ok to be sweet spot selfish? I feel that being an "audiophile" is also sharing the experience. 
Your thoughts please. Thank You!

Depends on the mood she is in, I would guess...and how big the chair is, of course.

Sorry, could not resist.
music system: two person wide center image has always been my goal. I want to enjoy my music, especially excellent recordings, excellent imaging with a friend, small table between 2 chairs, feet up optionally. chairs rather than a sofa, the chairs can be angled toward the center, easier than sitting crooked on a sofa.

video system: sofa, 3 person wide center image is the goal. feet up, end tables. coffee table lifts up for dining height if/when desired)

I can thoroughly enjoy my music side by side with a friend (few as you know are capable of listening longer than 10 seconds), or video from anywhere on the sofa, left of center being my spot. (coffee warmer, cold beer, remotes bin, I’m left handed), Donna same on the right, coffee or water not beer.

the specific wide center image of these dbx soundfield 100’s are the key to my video system’s success.

basically, the speaker you are closest to is aimed more directly to the opposite side. you are closer to the left speaker, however you get more direct sound volume from the right speaker, ... it works so well, when alone, I maintain my left position, moving to center no real advantage, they are terrific video speakers.

they are quite good when playing 5.1 or full range 2 channel video content, or simply put pandora on the tv, no image. We watch a lot of music tv, voice, idol, songland, world of dance, you tube music videos, ... the sound of tv has always been important. Way back when I grabbed the wires inside my old tv’s, ran to better speakers, the signal was very good even back then, the included speakers were not, who knew?

video: a great deal comes from the center channel speaker which I prefer directly below the image, (attempts at above not as good). btw, a center speaker behind the screen/image (as long as sound can get out), can work quite well.


music, 2 channel, no center speaker, you experiment with toe in bit by bit until it’s right, similar to the dbx, off to the left, closer to left speaker, but right speaker aimed directly at you. The dbx has 3 small tweeters from 3 angled face panels for dispersion, 2 channel speakers typically do not, so wide dispersion tweeters are important for music.

Of course, 2 channel music, I sit dead center when alone, but my video, I stay in my left spot, never aware of any difference from sitting in the middle.

1. wide dispersion horns help of course

2. aim left speaker very slightly to the right of center

3. aim right speaker slightly to the left of center.

4. tilt speakers back slightly (their design or your solution.

now rear/side/floor/ceiling reflections have been altered/reduced so that direct sounds are maximized from reflected.
I’ll ask my guests to sit in the sweet spot, then I have to ask them To actually sit all the way back in the chair and put their feet up And get comfortable.  Then I let them know that the music sounds better if they close their eyes!  Then I ask them what they want me to play for them.  Then I get them their drink of choice 😁

My listening room is too small for anything but 1 sweet spot so I’ll sit next to them on the ground.

I’ve helped 3 different friends pick out systems for their homes; usually wireless LS50’s with a sub or two.  I’ve had great listening sessions with them in their homes and it’s extremely rewarding to see their minds blown because of what the are hearing, and it’s equally satisfying to know that it’s something they can enjoy now anytime the want to!
Oh, and my favorite speakers are MBL 101E’s and they sound fantastic all over the room. 
I want to try some OHMs some day because I think they are the closest I could get within a reasonable budget and mapman, whom I respect his oppinion, won’t quit talking about them 😁
Kef has wide dispersion and thus less of a pure sweet spot and sounds pretty good across a larger area than most.