How do you share the sweet spot?

 My 2.1 set up  only pleasures me when i sit or walk in the sweet zone. If I have guests over, I dislike sharing my position so they can experience the sound stage.  Is there anything one can do to share the sweet spot? Is a 4.1 or 4.2 set up the solution? Does the speaker, gear, position and set up dictate overall experience?(I'm sure it does)
How do you guys share the sweet spot? 
Is it ok to be sweet spot selfish? I feel that being an "audiophile" is also sharing the experience. 
Your thoughts please. Thank You!

Visiting Audiophiles get that spot otherwise it is me most of the time.
I have two chairs side by side.  When she complains, I slide it back over about 8" that puts me dead center.. Just don't tell her.. She's happy.

I can always tell when my chairs been moved. 1.  the floor is marked,
2. The Rolling Stones, and Rod Stewart LP are out.. Her chairs is in the middle. I found her RE-taping a spot,  gettin' all pissed because, her tape was pulled, she pulled it.. and didn't mark it.. 2 hours to get happy..
Good ears.  She learned 25 years ago. Smart Lady...You know for a GIRL, anyways.
Yea she's standing over my shoulder, yukin' it up right now...
Feb, was 45 years, been together.. Man that's a long time..
She agrees..LOL

When we concert in the backyard, 6-9 people, get a great spot

ONE WALL! Behind 4 speakers!  25 H X 60 W and 40 foot deep.
No back, No lid, No sides for 120 feet.
Pretty nice

I always order the guest (or guests) to sit in the sweet spot.  Hey, I'm always in the sweet spot.  I can easily live with my system's patently miserable off-center sound (I joke!)  so that guests might get a clue as to how wonderful the high-end experience is.
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@mijostyn No way I'm letting anyone in that sweet spot.  I was joking of course, which of course doesn't work on the internet.  I'm very generous with my sweet spot, truth be told.