How do you send an internet stream into a hi fi?

Wondering how to take a radio station stream or other internet-based music feed and run it through either my Rega Mira3 or my 1971-ish Sansui AU999 amp? Thanks!
I use a Musicstreamer II and it sounds quite good for the money. I just hooked up a USB cable from my computer to the Musicstreamer II and RCA cables from it to my stereo.

Very easy and will get you started.

You should probably mention what you want to spend if you want other suggestion...
Supercheap way is to get a mini output male headphone to female rca cable then run rca to your stereo. Its cheap to try before you spend more.
There are a number of music streamers now on the market, in different price ranges. Try to Google a little bit and you will probably get better advice from the forum if you close your question a litlle bit.
I use the Outlaw Audio OAW3 wireless system to stream internet radio to my 2 channel system. I think the only issue is I'm at the mercy of my laptop's DAC. I'm not sure though.
I've heard about the sonos music streaming kit, which is a good option.
I use my PS3. works fine for the stuff you can stream.
I use a Musical Fidelity V-Link which is cheap (<$200), and easy to use. It converts the USB output on my laptop into SPDIF. I plug it into a digital input on my CDP and it just plays. Works good for iTunes. I imagine it would work ok for digital radio as well.
Take a look at the list of Audioengine wireless products. I use the A1 (soon to be discontinued in favor of the improved A3), to stream Internet audio, like Pandora, and my iTunes library residing on the laptop ... very convenient. Have one set-up streaming to main rig and another to upstairs system, with no degradation in sound. Only real downside with the A1 is that you is that you can only play one device at a time. That is being addressed with the A3. I'll probably have to pick one up.